[Release] PocceMod (fun menu with ropes!)

I made this mod originally for my tiny private server to have some fun with friends. Then I thought, why not share it with others? So here it is.

Almost all individual menu items have permission support now, see config/config.ini for details.
It does not require ESX and similar stuff to run and should not conflict with them.

The menu toggle key is F5 by default, but can be configured.

  • Vehicle
    • Spawn from list
    • Spawn by name
    • Autopilot (toggle)
    • TP into closest
    • TP into closest as passenger
  • Prop
    • Spawn from list
    • Spawn from list (search)
    • Clear last
    • Clear all
  • Rope
    • Equip rope gun
    • Closest ped
    • Closest vehicle
    • Closest vehicle tow
    • Closest prop
    • Free myself (use DEL key)
    • Clear last
    • Clear all
  • Companion
    • Spawn pocce
    • Spawn pet
    • Spawn custom
    • Spawn custom by name
    • Pocce passengers
  • Event
    • Pocce party
    • Play mass scenario
    • Pocce riot
    • Pocce riot (armed)
    • Ped riot
    • Ped riot (armed)
  • Skin
    • Detect nearby skins
    • Detect player skin
    • Choose from last detect
    • Choose from all
  • Upgrade
    • Back to the Future (toggle)
    • Ultrabright headlight (toggle)
    • Cargobob magnet
    • Compress vehicle
    • Anti-gravity (toggle)
    • Aircraft horn
    • Turbo Boost (toggle)
    • Turbo Brake (toggle)
    • Remote control (toggle)
    • Jesus mode (toggle)
    • Stabilizer (toggle)
  • Extra
    • Crazy ocean waves (toggle)
    • Rappel from heli
    • EMP
    • Trash ped
    • Balloons
    • Freeze position (toggle)
  • Hidden debug menu (use /pocce debug command)


Source code and zipped releases: here

  • Extract the zip archive and copy poccemod folder under your FiveM server’s resources folder.
  • Add “ensure poccemod” to your server.cfg
  • Optionally: set up permissions by adding something similar to server.cfg or permissions.cfg (if you have it):
    add_principal identifier.steam:your_steam_hex_id group.admin
    add_principal identifier.steam:your_steam_hex_id group.moderator
    If you have vMenu set up, you probably have this already.
  • v2.27: Improvement release
    • Late rope grappling (key changed to left control by default)
    • Individual NPC/PED body parts can be ropegunned
    • Lots of rope stability improvements
    • All keys can have input group in the config now (like MenuKey=166 or MenuKey=0:166)
  • v2.26: Fixed CNetworkRopeWorldStateData pool size related crashes
  • v2.25: New features!
    • Modifier keys for Turbo Boost (LEFT_CTRL and LEFT_SHIFT by default, hold on of them and then boost)
    • Turbo Brake (handbrake key by default)
    • Stabilizer (LEFT_CTRL by default)
  • v2.24: Added Jesus mode!
  • v2.23: Improvement release
    • Added GamepadMenuKey to config (-1 by default)
    • Replaced TurboBoost MinAngle and MaxAngle with StartAngle and EndAngle in config
    • Support for de-activating dead autopilot
    • Reduced remote control takeoff angle
    • Removed menu auto-close after selecting an item
  • v2.22: Better remote controlled takeoff and landing + fallback to nearby remote controlled vehicles
  • v2.21: Improvement release
    • Request telemetry for the next N seconds
    • Enhanced aircraft remote control
    • Allow aircraft horns on other vehicles
    • Support for SOUNDSET:SOUND format in horns.ini
  • v2.20: Added vehicle remote control + a lot of minor improvements
  • v2.19: Improvement release
    • More accurate telemetry results
    • Improved rope sync for a lot better performance
    • Added freeze position menu item
  • v2.18: Added telemetry under debug menu
  • v2.17: Added debug menu (use /pocce debug) + fixed TurboBoostChargeSec
  • v2.16: More natural Turbo Boost and even more config options for it
  • v2.15: Finished Turbo Boost mode + bugfixes
  • v2.14: New features!
    • Added turbo boost (beta)
    • Sync NPC multiplayer skins
    • Remote control all nearby autopilots (that belong to you)
    • Enabled autopilot for single seat vehicles
    • Autopilots can take off
    • Fixed mother value in skin detection popup (for multiplayer skins)
  • v2.13: Added config options to Back to the Future mode
  • v2.12: New features!
    • Aircraft horn menu
    • Spawn custom companions
    • +more scenarios to play
  • v2.11: Improved configuration (a release for server owners)
  • v2.10: Added aircraft airhorns + some config options
  • v2.9: New features!
    • Back to the Future
    • Shoot ropegun while jumping or falling
    • Auto cleanup ground-to-ground and broken ropes to save resources
    • Remote control ultrabright headlights
    • Synced compress vehicle
    • More control over prop positioning
  • v2.8: New features!
    • Detect and clone multiplayer skins
    • Compress vehicle
  • v2.7: Bugfix
    • using DEL key to clear player of ropes was not synced correctly and caused extreme glitches
  • v2.6: Improvement release
    • Categories in vehicle spawn menu
    • Keeping weapon loadout after changing skin
    • More props around at parties
    • Framerate independent anti-gravity
  • v2.5: New features!
    • Pocce party
    • Play mass scenario
  • v2.4: New features!
    • Balloons
    • Anti-gravity
    • DEL key removes all ropes attached to the player (don’t forget to include RopeClearKey in your config!)
    • Menu alignment configurable + fixed the aspect ratio bug
  • v2.3: Ropes are a lot harder to break now!
  • v2.2: Improvement release
    • Rope sync for joining players
    • Fixed instant grappling bug (again)
    • Improved unfortunate prop horizontal placement
    • Added pocce skins to skin list
    • Fixed undeletable props
  • v2.1: Improvement release
    • More control over prop placement with arrow keys and left shift + arrow keys
    • Display skin selection menu after detect
    • Trained monkeys to use police heli searchlight
    • EMP no longer destroys the engine of player’s vehicle (introduced bug in 2.0)
  • v2.0: Everything is polished and more awesome!
  • v1.6: Mini release: disable menu when there are no menu items
  • v1.5: Improvement release
    • Added ropegun grappling mode (with configurable hotkey: RopegunWindKey)
    • Added automatic hazard lights
    • Added option to enable ultrabright headlights (requires UltrabrightHeadlight permission)
  • v1.4: Improvement release
    • Ropegun can attach rope to any surface (add RopeGunStaticObjects to your config!)
    • Prop filtering using /prop [search term] command
    • Correction of last prop placement with arrow keys
  • v1.3: Added ropegun + companions can use parachute now
  • v1.2: Permission support for individual menu items
  • v1.1: Maintenance release
    • fixed a bug in getting the list of nearby peds
    • improved autopilot
    • tweaked ped and vehicle lists
  • v1.0: Initial release

Thank you @Vespura for MenuAPI.

Feel free to comment if you like it or you have questions.
If you like my mod, then push the magic button!


Seems cool, gonna try it out,
i suggest adding permissions

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I’m studying other mods (like vMenu) how they solved permission system. I think the existing true/false options in config.ini could be replaced by player classes.

Added permission support

am i missing a setup stage as its loading but F6 or F5 as its configed dose nothing


I forgott to mention in the description, but this is a server side mod. You have to copy the poccemod folder under resources folder and add “ensure poccemod” in server.cfg

humm still no dice do i need a 3rd party menu?

The third party MenuAPI is already included. Maybe you need a newer server version. I remember having problems with vMenu (uses MenuAPI and is written in C# too) and turned out I had to install new server build. Also if you are running your server on Linux, try updating mono.

Hi I run windows server and it’s with todays server build and esx framework

I’m really clueless. Asked a friend to test it for me on his windows server and he said it works.
Maybe CitizenFX.log has some useful info.

Can you try without ESX? Also try setting the menu key to 167 or 168 (F6 or F7) in config/config.ini, maybe that solves it.

There are new releases!

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I love this menu! Sure, it may be a troll menu, but the rope features are incredible! I do have a suggestion, can you make a rope gun that allows the player to attach onto anything? Land, trees, cars, etc. Also, can you make it so we can shoot on car, then shoot another car to connect them to each other by rope?

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Hi. I also tried and liked it. And came here to suggest couple of features if possible.
Like being able to rotate and move the placed object. And spawn by name which would allow to place anything. Would use somekind of prop list. I think there is one which even has pictures. Haven’t downloaded and seen it yet.


if only ragdolling didnt break the rope feature… :thinking: (only complaint)
it is still extremely entertaining! Hope you keep adding things to it!

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Thanks for the ideas guys! I actually had a few of these in mind but needed a bit of motivation :snail:
Implemented adding ropes to any surface using ropegun and there is prop filtering and placement correction too (check changelog for the details). As for ragdolling, it annoys me too, but I dont have any idea how to prevent it yet.
Here is a link to releases page if you happen to like links: link
Have fun! :smiley:

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While playing with a friend I found some rope sync issues when attaching to static objects. Now they are fixed and the release is reuploaded under the same name. I also doubled the rope range for the mentioned case and added 141 new props too as a bonus :wink:

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Works great! I have more ideas too. Can you make a grapple gun? And if you plan to make a vehicle options, PLEASE add the ability to change the brightness of the headlights. (With no limit.)

I don’t think a vehicle menu fits the theme or purpose of my mod, but I could add some extra chat commands. If I remember correctly there is an API call for headlight brightness so thats really easy to do. Surprising that vMenu doesnt have it already.
Grapple gun is a fun idea. I’m thinking of adding grappling as a hotkey instead of a new gun for simplicity. Space key might be good for that :smiley:

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Space key would be great! Another thought, and plans on adding weapon modifications? Like the ability to shoot whales, cars, explosive, etc? And if you do, maybe allow the option to change the way the gun works? (Damage, recoil, force, range, bullets in batch, etc?)

Also, if you know of any mods that can change the headlight brightness without needing to manually edit the carcols, please link them.

Things ended up a bit differently than I planned. Decided to add a menu item called “Ultrabright headlight”. When you enable it, it will tell you to use arrow keys up/down to actually set brightness level. There is no cap (but after a certain level I dont think it changes much). Also added automatic hazard lights in certain dangerous situations.
For grappling hook I decided to use a (configurable) hotkey while firing ropegun and it will start winding the rope right away. It was the least messy way to implement it. The default hotkey is left shift.
Here’s the new release!

I originally wanted to add options to add miniguns, missiles and other stuff like spotlight to cars that dont have them, but I dont think there is a way, unless I actually create new cars. I think the same applies to weapons unfortunately :frowning:

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I’m incredibly impressed at what you can do, and how fast you are able to do it! You are an outstanding menu developer, and a brilliant individual. Keep up the good work! This menu is endless fun. I usually mess around with it by hooking a giant soccer ball to the back of my car with a rope, and driving around using that as a wrecking ball. :slight_smile:

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