[Release][Paid] Los Santos Trucker Simulator / Trucker Logistics (ESX/VRP)


Script description:

  • Euro Truck Simulator game style trucker system, where you can manage your own Truck Logistics;
  • Statistics system, where you can see the complete data of your company;
  • There are 2 types of deliveries:
  1. You deliver with a rental truck;
  2. You deliver with your own truck, where you can generate more money;
  • The delivery gains are based on the experience you have, the more experience you upgrade, the greater your gain;
  • Each type of cargo has its characteristic, for example: if you are going to transport fuel, you need the certificate of transport of flammable liquids or if you are going to transport jewelry, you need the certificate of transport of valuable cargo;
  • System of skills where you need to start making simple deliveris in order to gain experience and release more complex and expensive deliveries;
  • Truck dealership included in the script with trucks already configured;
  • You must be careful with your own truck, because if you damage it, you must bear the repair costs;
  • Driver recruitment system: you can recruit drivers to work for you, so they generate money for your company;
  • Loan system: you can take loans to be able to invest in your company, but you pay a daily fee for each loan;
  • Extremely configurable script, all values can be easily changed in a well explained configuration file;
  • Well optimized and without bugs;

Video Demonstration


  • vRP / vRPex
  • ESX


  • MySQL


  • pt-BR
  • en-US
  • You can translate to any language you want


  • I’ll give you full support on the script. You’ll have the script working on your server or i give your money back!


  • Yes, the source code is encrypted.
  • You can have full access to the NUI code (html,js,css).
  • The script has a huge config file where you can configure almost everything in the script.

Do you like the script?

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Thanks :smiley:


This is incredible. I sent you a DM, could you get back to me ASAP? Pretty sure I want to purchase.

can it be fully translated? is it obfuscated?

Thanks my friend!

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Yes, you can translate to any lang you want

Very good-looking script!

Thanks!! It took too long to be done

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Good script for a fair price, congratz bro, an hug from Portugal xD

Can this script be edited to the Semi Trucks you want? I would like to use Vanilla Vehicles with this.

encrypted or ip locked?

Yes, the script have a big config file that you can almost everything

Wonderful thank you! I will be definitely getting this on my next pay in a couple weeks :slight_smile:

Nicee! I hope you love it :heart_eyes:

it looks neat! any plans to making players recruitable so they can work and get paid while still generating money for company? it would increase immersion even more! :smiley:
nice work tho :smiley:

Looks nice, the link sends you to a different package.

Check that!

Its a good idea but it is too hard to implement. The script got too complex so i prefer to not do this

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Thanks! Fixed that

Pretty good script and concept :point_up::fire:

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Interesting !

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what currency is this? please let me know

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