[Release][Paid] Buy and manage your own store (ESX/VRP)

Script description:

  • Much more improved version of my previous establishment purchase script;
  • This script allows you to buy any store in your city (AmmuNation, Markets, etc.);
  • Each store in the city can have a different owner, so you can set up infinite buyable locations;
  • The owner of each store needs to import products to the store to keep its stock active;
  • If the store has no stock, no one will be able to buy anything there;
  • Statistics system: where you can see the complete data of your store;
  • Upgrades system: where you can buy several improvements for your store and make your profit even greater;
  • Recruit real players: you can recruit deliveryman to work for you, so they get products for you to sell at your store (these delivery people are real people who must take the job and work for you);
  • The store owner sets the salary for each job;
  • Cash flow system: where you can see everything you spent in the store and everything you received in cash;
  • The script is already integrated with a market system, where the person goes on the blip and can buy the things available in that store;
  • Extremely configurable script, all values ​​can be easily changed in a well explained configuration file;
  • Well optimized and without bugs;

Video Demonstration


  • vRP / vRPex
  • ESX


  • MySQL


  • pt-BR
  • en-US
  • You can translate to any language you want


  • I’ll give you full support on the script. You’ll have the script working on your server or i give your money back!


  • Yes, the source code is encrypted.
  • You can have full access to the NUI code (html,js,css).
  • The script has a huge config file where you can configure almost everything in the script.

Do you like the script?

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Thanks :smiley:


does this script have ip protection or encrypted?

Yes, it has

I love the trucking script! I am going to buy this too!!! Super Epic script! I was dreaming of something like this. Thank you!

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Heya! Just making sure asking if this might be working with HeidiSQL as I do not use MySQL so I’d be appreciated receiving your feedback as soon as possible. ^^ Nifi…


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Solid script, I love it

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HeidiSQL is not a database server but a client. You’re probably using MariaDB (whose installer automatically installs HeidiSQL as a windows client). So yes, this is probably supported :slight_smile:

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@Pole_Ice Thanks mate!!

@Nifitria Check if you have an script called mysql or mysql-async in you framework

@Boost Thanks!

@doxylamin Thanks for helping!

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Nice work as always.

i have 2 suggestions

  1. Open a dialog to confirm to buy the Shop and see the price
  2. Integrate the truckerjob to deliver stuff to the shops :slight_smile:

Does this work with Extendedmode (EXM)? I know it said ESX, but some ESX works with EXM so I just like to know if it works with EXM.

Add ability to put your own items into shop and I am buying! Also integrating with trucker job would be great!


Hello, i dont know if its compatible with EXM…
The script only uses functions like:
xPlayer.addInventoryItem(item, amount)
money = xPlayer.getAccount(‘bank’).money
xPlayer.removeAccountMoney(‘bank’, price)

I think its compatible but i’m not very experient on ESX

Are you able to implement a robbing system? Would 100% purchase if this is the case.

Yes, ExtendedMode its only a community fork from ESX weight, so this will be probably compatible

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Maybe i do that in future. But if you want, you can do it yourself. I’m just afraid to do because i dont know much about ESX, like i dont have idea how do i get amount of cops on to start robb if has enough

If you like i can PM you a version of an older store system I edited heavily that has a robbery system,
This will help you if you are keen to look into it :slight_smile:

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Please, send me.

Hey awesome job! Got a couple of questions

-can we configure to not spawn the vehicle, so the player uses his car? (Having in mind the weight of the cargo)
-How is the reward calculated? Its just what the store owner sets or is it by distance that the deliveryman gets?
-The trucker capacity doesnt make much sense if we are hiring a delivery man, how does it work in those cases?
-Is it possible to configure to have a central point, so the delivery man dont need to travel to each shop?

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  1. No, only the truck
  2. The deliveryman reward is set by the owner. The owner has no reward
  3. Truck capacity only work if the owner are doing deliveries
  4. No, the delivery must go to shops to get the jobs

purchased this.
Pros: good UI. Simple system, configurable.
UI Assets is hotlinked from bootstrap premium website(ex.themeforest products) . (it can be take down anytime)
Exploitable to cheaters/trigger boys (giveitem trigger)
addweapons will not work (unless item based)
SQL queries are unsafe.
If you are unexperience coder, im not gonna suggest this until the owner fixed all the security flaws and bugs.

Lucky for me i can rework this all problem my self.

3/5 Star for now

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