[Release][Paid] Gas station simulator / Buy and manage your own gas station (ESX/VRP)


Script description:

  • System similar to the buy and manage your own store, but for gas station;
  • This script allows you to buy any gas station in your city;
  • Each gas station in the city can have a different owner, so you can set up infinite buyable locations;
  • The owner of each station needs to import gasoline to keep his stock active;
  • If the gas station has no stock, no one will be able to buy anything there;
  • Statistics system: where you can see the complete data of your post;
  • Upgrades system: where you can buy several improvements for your gas station and make your profit even greater;
  • Delivery system: you can recruit delivery people to work for you, so they look for gas for you to sell at your gas station (these delivery people are real people who should get the job and work for you);
  • Cash flow system: where you can see everything you spent at the post and everything you received in cash;
  • The owner of each gas station that adjusts the price of his gasoline;
  • The script is already integrated with a fuel system, where people can fill their vehicles with the value that the owner has set up at the gas station;
  • Extremely configurable script, all values ​​can be easily changed in a well explained configuration file;
  • Well optimized and without bugs;

Video Demonstration


  • vRP / vRPex
  • ESX


  • MySQL


  • pt-BR
  • en-US
  • You can translate to any language you want


  • I’ll give you full support on the script. You’ll have the script working on your server or i give your money back!


  • Yes, the source code is encrypted.
  • You can have full access to the NUI code (html,js,css).
  • The script has a huge config file where you can configure almost everything in the script.

Do you like the script?

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Thanks :smiley:


Damn I was gonna make something like this aswell, nice work btw!

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such great work congrats. very realistic.

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I already use LegacyFuel can they both work together?

@Frobski @outsider310

Thanks guys! <3

The script uses his own fuel system which is fully integrated with stocks and prices. If you know how to do, you can copy and paste the stock and price code to your legacyfuel

But it integrates the fuel into GetVehicleFuelLevel() because my speedometer hud uses this native.

Yes, you will have no problems

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whats the cpu demand of this ? this looks amazing

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I mean, I’m going to buy this, however… This needs a server owner option so that the server owns any stations that are NOT owned by players that stay fully stocked. What I would do with this is make server owned stations very expensive so that players are incentivized to use player owned stations.

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Its really optmized, on idle is near to 0.01ms

You can change the amount of stock and the price of gas stations that have no owner

does it just stay at the stock level you set or does someone need to keep it stocked?

If the gas station has no owner the stock leve will be a static value defined by you. If it has a owner, he must import fuel to have stock

is the code obfuscated?

Yes, it is

hi there just purchased this will we receive it via email?


I’m almost asleep now and, for some reason, Tebex are not sending emails with the downloadable package to some people (I have already contacted support to check what is wrong and fix it as soon as possible). If you bought the script and I still haven’t woken up, just send me a message, have a coffee, relax and wait. I will answer everyone when I turn on my PC again.

I’m writing this message just because some impatient people get angry if i dont answer them in the same minute.

Thanks for everyone liked my script, I did a lot of hard work on this <3

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Nice Release Bro, a lot of People waited a long time for this

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Any chance you can make this work with your stores script, too? If a person owns a store that also has gas pumps, they would have to manually purchase both and manage both separately. Would be nice if they could manage products and gasoline from one ownership spot.

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