[Release][Paid] Gas station simulator / Buy and manage your own gas station (ESX/VRP)

Both are different systems, thats because they need to buy each company. But if you have bought both scripts, send me a message and i can do something like: if player buy a store he will but the gas station too. Lets chat :slight_smile:

Hi, Would it be possible to implement jerry cans to this?

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Hi !!

Your script looks awesome!

I would like to know how is the script under ESX:

Is the user interface the same as on the video?

is there a difference between VRP and ESX or not?

Then I would like to know if an owner can buy more than one gas station, to somehow become a dominant franchise with a monopoly ?

Should I expect some difficulties or compatibility bug when installing your script?

Very nice work, it makes you want, and reminds me of the RP on ARMA 3.



It will work exactly as i showed in the video, will have no differences. You will have no problems when installing it, its really easy and its fully tested!

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Nice job

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would this take the place of another fueling script like legacy fuel? or does this still need an actual fuel script for the vehicles. Also the shops that arnt owned how do they function? are people still able to get gas from them?

you should make something exactly like this but for shops.

You have the Copyright for the picture? i think not…

You dont have hobbys?

I presume if it’s for ESX, it works with ExM as well, right?

Its already done!

Yes it works

Youtube Video got removed? :open_mouth:

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