[Release] OCRP Community Releases

We wanted to start giving back to the community and start releasing some of our stuff, I’ll be adding more stuff to this over time

OCRP Area code map

Area Code Map Example

area code map

Scrapyard (by xLogicc)

Scrapyard Examples

scrapyard.zip (13.4 KB)

ESX Scripts
Impound Lot - by michaelhodgejr

Impound Lot Location

Lotto Scratchers - by michaelhodgejr

Taxi Meter - by michaelhodgejr

Multiplayer Ped Menu - by michaelhodgejr

New hide hud
hud.zip (6.7 KB)

Car Neon Toggle
neontoggle.zip (678 Bytes)

Multi Camera
camera.zip (4.7 KB)

Calmer Ocean Water:
calmwater.zip (478 Bytes)

Boat anchor:
boatanchor.zip (1.7 KB)

OCRPs Edit of WraithRS:
can set a BOLO plate, will be notified when plate is scanned



wk_wrs.zip (20.3 KB)


I looking forward towards your guys’ releases!

moved to #development:releases


You should release the map you guys have for sandy and panorama :wink:


the full map comes with the file u download

With like the trees and street lights in sandy and panorama? Its just the scrap yard

It seems as though the scrapyard cant be downloaded. Atleast I cant download it.

Yes i have downloaded and it works perfectly fine in my server!

When I click on it nothing happens, so I dont know.

Hm weird, Maybe try to close out of your browser and reopen.

Thank you! Can’t wait for future releases.

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system or browser security might be blocking .zip files from being downloaded? I know my browser doesn’t like to download zips from here.

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the trees and street lights in sandy and panorama that is a diff ymap + jeff made that i believe that will be getting uploaded to fivem soon with more stuff

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I love being a part of a great FiveM community that gives back to everyone as well. #Proud2BOCRP


Awesome now thats something i cant wait for!

I downloaded it through edge and it worked. Thanks

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Does anyone have a like Codepen HTML for this so I can add it on my cad?

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Code pen for what???

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you on about the Map ??

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This map on my CAD instead of the default postal code map