[Release] mumble-voip, rp-radio


A πšπš˜πš”πš˜πšŸπš˜πš’πš™ replacement that uses fivems mumble voip

  • Radios (one radio channel per player for now)
  • Radio mic clicks
  • Calls
  • Facial animations when talking
  • Phone Speaker mode toggle
  • Hear nearby calls
  • Voice chat & Microphone disabled warning messages
  • 3D Proximity base audio
  • Onesync/Infinity/Beyond support
  • Grid system for voice channels
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Export Description Parameter(s)
SetMumbleProperty Set config options string, any
SetRadioChannel Set radio channel int
SetCallChannel Set call channel int
SetRadioChannelName Set name of radio channel int, string
SetCallChannelName Set name of call channel int, string

Supported TokoVOIP Exports

Export Description Parameter(s)
SetTokoProperty Set config options string, any
addPlayerToRadio Set radio channel int
removePlayerFromRadio Remove player from radio
addPlayerToCall Set call channel int
removePlayerFromCall Remove player from call


Export Description Parameter(s) Return type
GetPlayersInRadioChannel Returns players in a radio channel int table or false
GetPlayersInRadioChannels Returns players in radio channels int, int, … table
GetPlayersInAllRadioChannels Returns players in every radio channel table
GetPlayersInPlayerRadioChannel Returns players in a player radio channel int table or false
GetPlayerRadioChannel Returns player radio channel int int
GetPlayerCallChannel Returns player call channel int int


  • @Itokoyamato for TokoVOIP
  • @Nardah and @crunchFiveM for Testing
  • @blattersturm for the grid concept



An in-game radio which makes use of the mumble-voip radio API for FiveM

More Info


By default the radio is disabled (its meant to be used as an in-game item) to give players the radio by default in the client.lua at the top change Radio.Has to true, if you would like to make it an item look at the replies on the FiveM forum post, there is a tutorial for adding it as an ESX item.

The export that is used to give/take a players radio is exports:["rp-radio"]:SetRadio(true/false) or the event Radio.Set



Export Description Return type
IsRadioOpen Check if player is holding radio bool
IsRadioOn Check if radio is switched on bool
IsRadioAvailable Check if player has a radio bool
IsRadioEnabled Check if radio is enabled bool
CanRadioBeUsed Check if radio can be used bool


Export Description Parameter(s)
SetRadioEnabled Set if the radio is enabled or not bool
SetRadio Set if player has a radio or not bool
SetAllowRadioWhenClosed Allow player to broadcast when closed bool
AddPrivateFrequency Make a frequency private int
RemovePrivateFrequency Make a private frequency public int
GivePlayerAccessToFrequency Give a player access to use a private frequency int
RemovePlayerAccessToFrequency Remove a players access to use a private frequency int
GivePlayerAccessToFrequencies Give a player access to use multiple private frequencies int, int, …
RemovePlayerAccessToFrequencies Remove a players access to use multiple private frequencies int, int, …


Command Description
/radio Open/close the radio
/frequency Choose radio frequency


Event Description Paramters(s)
Radio.Toggle Opens/close the radio none
Radio.Set Set if player has a radio or not bool



If there is any problems, open a new issue on the github repos.


Very nice!

doesnΒ΄t work for me


Interesting, very interesting…


Is there a step im missing? i put the script in and started it at the top of my cfg and all i hear is people everywhere?

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are you using:
setr voice_use3dAudio true
setr voice_useSendingRangeOnly true

Thanks Frazzle!

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yes i am i disabled my current voip handler and it still will broadcast server wide.

how to add coded frequency for example for the police?

Hello, this is a wonderful release, amazing !!! can this be whitelisted for cops only ? @Frazzle

In the default rp-radio config channel 1 is private by default so i’ll use this as an example

when a cop goes on duty do
when a cop goes off duty do

The radio is meant for everyone (crims and civs) but you can disable a persons radio using:

gcphone not working any suggestion?

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here’s the fix if you are not using WebRTC

Also remove all instances of
NetworkSetTalkerProximity & Citizen.InvokeNative(0xE036A705F989E049)


does this voip work well with onesync? I use the NetworkSetTalkerProximity function on my server but with voice synchronization it cuts off

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Working fine for me on OneSync.

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hot realease :smiley: good fucking job

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Tip: You could also create a textdraw for when the player changes the voice mode or activates the radio

gta text draws are aids and consume cpu

Also look at the bottom right of your screen it shows all that info there


I cant seem to change the keybinds… Any idea why? @Frazzle (Loving the script so far tho) btw, how would i change the radio menu from left to right? couldnt find anything in the code about it