Community Update - Period 1 - April 20th, 2020

Cfx Community Update: 1st Edition

Welcome to the 1st weekly update for the Cfx community, spanning FiveM, RedM, and overall Cfx updates.

This post is written by a group of community members and serves as a way to update you on the latest happenings within FiveM and RedM, which we all love so much.

Weekly Summary

Below is a list of the most important news and updates in the past week.

  • 100,000+ active players milestone reached!
  • New Discord Integration
  • RedM now works again!
  • Partnership with Tebex to allow for-profit purchases
  • txAdmin 2.x replaces fxmonitor!
  • Support for new Reshade/ENB Series breaks old version

100,000+ concurrent player count reached!

Since the tragic COVID-19 developments these past few months, many people are seeking ways to pass time and entertain themselves. We are all so lucky to have FiveM/RedM and more people have been playing at the same time more than ever. On March 29th the 100,000 concurrent player mark was broken. As of mid April this number has reached 109,190, which even does not go unnoticed on Steam’s top 10 games.

New Discord Integration

The project received an email late March informing them about the ‘silent’ authentication of Discord. This is an important feature as many servers like to use Discord for their whitelist, roles and other great uses. The developers were quickly able to update it with the help of Discord to comply to their requirement. You can now use Discord like you always have, but you now have to give permission for FiveM/RedM to use your Discord user id.

RedM works again!

Finally new/returning users can play RedM :partying_face:. This tweet was very sad news for many new or returning RedM players. It was a very difficult problem for Cfx to fix as it relies on Rockstar’s own services. Without this it would be impossible to verify that someone owns Red Dead Redemption 2 and no one likes :pirate_flag: pirates. Luckily, the smart Cfx developers were able to restore the Rockstar Online Service authentication within a short time. Rejoice!

Partnership with Tebex

A partnership between Cfx and Tebex was announced, allowing server owners to have for-profit purchases within a game server. This also means loosening of the “for-profit” term in the Terms of Service in the future. Most of us are happy about that :slight_smile: . You can read the full announcement here. If you are part of the Server Owners group, you can apply for early access here

txAdmin 2.x replaces fxmonitor

Now when you open FXServer.exe instead of using the command prompt or a .bat file, everything will be setup automatically. It cannot get easier than this! A lot of newcomers to the modding scene will appreciate this :slightly_smiling_face:

Support for new Reshade/ENB Series breaks old version

Recently FiveM updated to support the new Reshade and ENB mods that is used for a lot of graphics mods. Unfortunately this means that the old versions break :frowning:. Cfx developers try to give you a warning when it does crash your FiveM, but sometimes this doesn’t happen.

If you get dxgi.dll or d3d11.dll or any other crashes that have a .dll in the error message which is also in your GTA V folder, you should either update your Reshade and/or ENB.

Technical Notes

For you technical geeks, we’ve also added a list of the most important technical changes.

  • Added Tebex commerce integration
  • Added tweaks to server endpoints so weak systems don’t hang as quickly
  • Added new vehicle natives for FiveM
  • Added Xbox One controller haptics for vehicles - Shakey, shake in a :oncoming_automobile:
  • Added cl_drawPerf to show performance metrics on the top left (Enable with cl_drawPerf 1)
  • Improve FiveM main menu to lessen the load and allow for messages when services are down
  • Updated FiveM documentation
  • Updated website with some tiny tweaks
  • Updated txAdmin version
  • Fixed Windows 7
  • Fixed support for Reshade and ENB Series

Community Spotlight

Without the Cfx community, both FiveM and RedM will not exist. Therefore, we want to highlight some positive and influential members as well as some cool new #development:releases and #fivem-snapmatic

Release of the Week

mumble-voip by @Frazzle is a full replacement for voice scripts that require third-party tools. You don’t need to open another program and can use the integrated Mumble without quality loss!

Honorary mention to @MINO1 for his epic Coffin dance meme script. You can find it here

Snap of the Week

Not a lot of you have found this neat little feature, but it has produced some great content already!

Check out this snap by @Allmotor. Would those wheels fly off when drifting? :thinking: There’s only one way to find out.

Got suggestions or feedback for the Community Update? Let us know :snail:


Really nice to be updated on what’s happening with FiveM/RedM, even if the updates are rather minor.

Love the Post/Snap of the week! Ideas, ideas, ideas!!!

Guess it’s gonna be EA 2.0 for most servers now :thinking:

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Communication <3 Very nice, you guys are going in the right way, a lot of hopes for FiveM’s futur :slight_smile:
Special love for this new : “Release of the Week” section

Hope to see this weekly updates notes keep going !

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Kinda, but not really. You cannot have pay2win perks in return for money (so, in-game currency) as per the Tebex terms. Most server owners will likely be doing cosmetics or “boosts” to certain things like XP.

The key difference is that with the hundreds of available servers, you’re not forced to buy anything as you can vote with your wallet and go somewhere that doesn’t exploit you for money.

Nice write-up :slight_smile: cfx going strong :muscle:


txAdmin :tada:


How do we get the Server Owner group so we can apply for the Tebex early access?

Suddenly after this update our server boost it fucced.

You know this is not an files update right? Its more like an informational post…
So this “post” didn’t break anything.

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Nice update, keep going FiveM!

Very Nice! :partying_face:

Just so we know, what’s the PL in the cl_drawPerf?


Thanks for those community updates - i think everyone appreciates them. Keeping the community updated is an important factor. <3 Hope this doesn’t end, thank you for all the work! Without the developers behind the project, our community wouldn’t even exist. :snail:

Thanks, but when now server is not showing up agian in the server list… anyone know’s why ?

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Thanks,but what about the controller’s ability to use it when alt tabbed and decreasing the vibrations?

PL = packet loss

Thanks to those who took the time to produce this update - it has been well received.

In my opinion, the partnership with Tebex is a step in the right direction, but it does beg the question of whether there will be a similar platform for content creators to also profit in the future.

I understand that this might undermine FiveM’s most appealing attribute; the sheer fact it’s open source. This has allowed myself, and I’m sure many others, to better understand the eco-system and learn how to create resources of our own from those publicly available. However, although not in every case, allowing the server owners to profit from the hard work of content creators without allowing them too to profit seems unfair.

Never the less, it is again, very nice to see the rules being relaxed a tad.

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couldn’t this be considered people gaining money from assets game engine since we own the copy of the game but letting people earn money from it when nothing is tecanly made by them (as it uses assets map cars from gta5 and there owned by rockstar??! how can a partnership even be done when your very own staff has told us you cant offer people in game rewards or your server or you can be banned but not your teaming up with a company thats doing this how and whats the reasoning ?