[Release] Most Complete Handling.Meta (Includes NEW DLC Vehicles!)

I have compiled a full list of ALL the DLC vehicles into a handling.meta that can be streamed to the clients after not being able to find a complete one anywhere.

Note: To edit the “Sovereign” you must edit “POLICEB” as they share handlings.

handling.meta (1.5 MB)

For people who don’t know how to make this into a resource, here you go:
handling_mod.rar (45.5 KB)



Are the cop cars fast?

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This is a complete stock version, allowing you to modify the vehicles however you want to.

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because half of the time that i have a handling i can’t modifiy them because they never affect the cars …

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use the resource i provided. there is are instructions at the top of the meta file :slight_smile:

whenever modifying cars, you need to reload the resource, delete the vehicle, and spawn a new one

let’s say i wanna make the police , police2 and police3 go to faster could you tell me how ? cuz i don’t understand that much :S

adjust the fInitialDriveMaxFlatVel value to what you want the max speed to be (km/h) and if you want more horsepower, slightly increase the fInitialDriveForce number under POLICE, POLICE2 or POLICE3.


This is excellent. Especially the breakdown of each line at the top. Very helpful. Thank you.

If I use this within a car-pack resource, will it only affect the cars within the resource it resides?

No, handling.metas can affect cars outside it’s resource folder.

This file contains the handling for every stock car car in the game. You would never use the whole file in more than one location and would never use it to modify an addon car.

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Gotcha, so basically, keep a copy, chop off damn near most of it and keep/edit what I need

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where can i edit the trunk ?

hmmm, i put the file in my fivem.app>citizen>common>data, modified the file so id have realistic handling for the bati801, sanchez and hakuchou drag, it crashes when loading onto a server? help

run it as a resource on your server with a data file mounter

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Thnx man, someone could probably make ‘realistic handling’ out of this :eyes:

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Hello, thank’s for sharing this. I’m trying to modify the handling of the Flash GT but i can’t find it, du you know how i can find it ?

how do you force swap the modified handling data with original file?

this will automatically force swap the handling of an original handling, with the contents of this file.

Does this include every car in the game? Including casino dlc cars?

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So this is for GTA cars only not Add-ons?