[Release] Most Complete Handling.Meta (Includes NEW DLC Vehicles!)

It does not, but it’s only missing a few and their handlings can be found in their corresponding dlcpack folders in update.rpf/x64/dlcpacks.

Where do I put these files for my fivem server? ( I tried changing the ambulance or “ambulan” replace handling.meta, only the ambulance code in the meta file btw which I found so the ambulance don’t tilt when turning, and I did the files how I do the addon vehicles,in a folder the resource and the handling.meta and another folder inside named stream which i put the ytd and ytf files, and the handling didn’t worked) what should I do so it works?

Did u find it?

Hey I have a question, so I edit police, police2 cars when I restart server it goes to default any idea why?

cause values are wrong or too high

Sounds like you have resource crash;
Check dis:

trunk u can edit in trunk script…

does it include new dlc? or which is the last dlc here?

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hey, what abt police4 why cant i edit that one

I would like to update this very old post with an 2024 version.
Here you go: handling.meta (4.7 MB)

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Why you have the same handlings repeatedly here?

That’s my fault. Will fix it.

Nice, do this include lastes DLC, 3095?

Hello bro, my fivem vanilla vehicle are too fast for some of them, do you know how can i patch it ?