Handling.meta for police cars

you can qither download this> [Release] Most Complete Handling.Meta (Includes NEW DLC Vehicles!) or do it the ‘‘diy’’ way bellow.

you can go to this path in openiv> Your path to gta in OpenIV\update\update.rpf\common\data and there is the handling.meta , you can copy that and and download the handling_mod.rar from the link above and put the handling.meta in taht folder and the move the folder into your recources.

after you have competed one of these, you can open the handling.meta and find the handling line you want to edit, i this case a police vehicle, like police, police2, police3 and police4, and if you dont know all the police vehicle names, you can find them here> https://wiki.■■■■■■■■■■■/index.php?title=Vehicle_Models
and then you can start the server and go test if you see a difrence, also there are a lot of handling files in gta5mods.com that have edited police cars handlings aswell

edit. if you are having a problem, once i get home, i can make a quick handling for you to drop it in