[How-To] How to make a car in FiveM Faster/Slower (Handling.meta)

Hello, everyone I have been asked a lot how I edit handling files and today I decided I would teach some of you guys how to do it.

  1. Find your car.


  1. Get a handling.meta from your GTAV Folder

You can find it here: [Release] Most Complete Handling.Meta (Includes NEW DLC Vehicles!)

  1. Find the handling id.

You can find this in the vehicles.meta file.

  1. Go in the handling.meta

When you are in the Handling.meta you want to do Control+F and search for the handling id that you got from the above step.

  1. Change the speed

You can change the speed of the car by editing the <fInitialDriveMaxFlatVel

Going up will make it go faster and going down will make it slower. KEEP IN MIND THIS NUMBER IS NOT THE MPH IS MAXES OUT AT!!!

  1. Your done

Congrats you have edited the speed of any car of your choosing! Hope this helped you out!


it makes my car drive at 2nd gear at 200:grin:


Then make it lower.

Hi, do you happen to have the original handling file for all vehicles (not yet modified)?

Sadly, no.

It’s okay. I want to add handling for dubsta2 which is missing, can I just copy the format and add it?

No, you need to find it because it has custom mass and stuff otherwise it will flip easy.

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Question, if I want to change brakes and turning, what exactly are the numbers is it between 0 and 1 or higher?

Sadly I am not sure :frowning:


Read this: https://forums.gta5-mods.com/topic/3842/tutorial-handling-meta

i change the value of and nothing changes about the cars speed no matter what the value is or it still goes only 120MPH


Hey did you figured this out? I’m still stuck on my cars maxing out at 120mph too.


this shit dumb asf and did not help fa shit dumbass instructions just make a fucking thing so da kids dat dont understand all that fucking coding bc sitting tryna understand this shit got me frustrated asf omm yall playing wit my top

maybe if you didnt steal all your scripts it wouldnt be an issue