:white_check_mark:Extensive configuration
:white_check_mark:Drugs can be sold in a vehicle
:white_check_mark:It is possible to negotiate a price
:white_check_mark:If the buyer dies while calling the police, the notification will not come
:white_check_mark:The notice shows the police what the dealer looks like and, if you sell in a vehicle, the vehicle type
:white_check_mark:The buyer may, refuse, accept or call the police
:white_check_mark:The optimization is 0.1 ms

You will see more in the video





be dope if the peds could rob you or a chance of being robbed.

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Looks nice. I will check it tomorrow.

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I would like to do something similar in the update

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update and ill buy!

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Just watched the preview, looks decent!

Am I right in thinking that this has got capability to add multiple types of drugs to sell to NPCs?

An example = sell packaged cocaine, joints, etc all in the same menu?

Look forward to hearing from you! - Whippet :100:

Yes, it is possible to add or change items for sale in the config

Great job man! Definitely excited to see more stuff added to this!

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looks great , it would be nice if u put it for free ! .

Very expoitable, just have to type /selldrugs few times until you can get a nice amount of money from a single ped, can do business with one ped and abuse for eternity.

A cooldown is now added to start selling

Nice! :slight_smile: