[Release] Custom server sided sounds

Today i give you server sided weapons sounds / Siren (hopefully coming soon), no more placing files client sided for this it can all be handled via server, follow the resource.lua as a template to add more sounds every sound has to be specified in there, Enjoy :wink:


  1. Open Rar file
  2. Unpack rar file to resources folder
  3. add sounds to server.cfg
  4. start server with fresh cashe
  5. Enjoy


Credits Gta 5 mods,


there might be sounds in there i have not credited please let me know if i missed anybody , i DO NOT take credit for these files this is simply a conversion into a resource


I’m sure gonna have a look at this in game!

have fun at first you might hear vanilla sounds until those files download to your cache but after a few minutes of play they should start sounding a lot different

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The gunsounds work but the sirens dont… am i the only one?


they work on my other server i grabbed this from the dev server , but if u go and edit your sirens to your liking in OpenIV and then just export the vehicles.awc file out of openIV and replace mine with urs then youll have ur custom sounds but it might take a few minutes for those sounds to change cuz that file needs to download when u activate the siren

ah okey i’ll try that

Nope, me too. (20char)

this is awesome definitely will check it out. will this work with any audio? I see you listed weapons. but will it also do like weather, and vehicle sounds?

Game changing if this works the way i think

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it works for any audio yes car sounds . ambient sounds, turbo dump valve etc but the sirens i think i gave u guys a vanilla file if you want to try this one instead http://www.filedropper.com/vehicles

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I have a custom one already just gotta pull it out. thank you for doing this. less my guys have to download. now only if graphics & reshaders was streamable. :slight_smile:

reshade is not streamable but u can stream the timecycle mods 1 -4 to make the game look better :wink:

yeah, I have textures streaming currently. the rest is all client-side I spent 6 hrs the other night making make visual great work and its reshader for some odd reason wouldn’t work. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=avEtndZfvOI&t=178s

still a no on the sires, but on the gta5-mods.com link says that you must download something is that the problem

http://www.lcpdfr.com/files/file/12577-siren-mastery-fully-master-your-siren-tones/ this one

no he used sirenmastery for single player i just grabbed the sounds and used them as a siren but im working to see whats going on

hmm weird that the sirens dont work then

same for me i tryed this https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/gta-v-german-sirens

Btw Thanks for sharing this script :slight_smile:

hmmm it was sure working on the server i use more sounds then just this i cut most of the other sounds out going from a 957 mb resource to like 80 mbs so there might be a typo but im not seeing any issues unless its just taking super long to load in

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i use the vehicles.awc that you posted as a reaction, im now around 5 minutes in game so i dont think the sirens work on my server