[Release] [Updated 12/19] Simple hat/sunglasses command for police peds

This is a very simple command that will put a hat on certain police peds and fireman ped when activated. By default the Highway Cop skin does not come with a hat so I have included the Highway Cop skin from a different release. This is the first script that I have written so if you have any suggestions please leave them in the comments.

Original post for where I got the add on Highway Cop.


Download link:
ES Version:

Non ES Version

/hat (Toggle hat)
/sg (Toggle Sunglasses)
/mask (Toggle Fireman mask)
/gloves (Toggle gloves for Medic)
/hood (Toggle hood for your car
/vest (Applies a vest to police peds)

10/13/17 Added gloves, hat, and sunglasses for paramedic and an option to open the hood of your car

12/19/2017 Added a /vest command for police per request


Not bad for your first script! Keep it up.

Would also be nice if you did a side script for the police car extras?

Cool! Would recommend putting on github.

neat and simple very nice , i always hate when i get punched by accident and all my props fall off the ped and then i have to reload the skin thanks for this

Great job @MontyPiper

Does not seem to work for me :S

Are you using Essential Mode?

If you are not using Essential Mode I have added a link to one that does not require Essential Mode.

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No i was using vrp and it dosent work with this framework unfortunatly but nice release

Use the NON ES version, works perfectly.

I added the Non ES version for VRP and other framework users. Also there is a list of peds that this works on. It does not work on the mp skin. If you are using one of the peds that is listed in the code it will work.

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All working thanks just had to mess around with the vrp cloakroom a little

I actually made a command for this but it instantly repairs the cars when the extras are toggled :frowning:

Could do something like this?

Yeah that looks great!!

Changed how the code works

Now when command /hat or any command is entered it toggles the item. /hat will now put on and take off hat. Also added a gloves option for paramedics and a /hood command to toggle the hood of your car :slight_smile:

Also I didn’t test the ES version, so if you could let me know how it works :stuck_out_tongue:

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I love your work is so intense for the role play <3

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I downloaded but the /sg is not working for me. I checked the .lua and there is a /sg command. Any help would be appreciated.


SG fivem


Were you trying to use it on the specified peds?

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Should add vests in aswell

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