[Re-Release] Esx polspeak

How do I modify the volume? I’m having trouble.

Edit: Found out how…

Sorry for my late Response. Ok you found it :slight_smile:. If you need any other Support write again :slight_smile:

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Amazing scripts i use it in my server, i mange to go into the nativeui and put a cooldown on it so people dont abuse it but overally amazing release.

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Thank you :slight_smile: And nice :smiley:

I have installed all following your steps, everything is ok in the console but when I select a sound I can’t hear anything, also my server players having the same issue all working fine except we can’t hear anything.
Hope anyone can help me.

Polspeak has no sound on me, can someone help me?

Do you have any Error’s in the Console? (F8)

Do you have the Requirement?

Did you installed it correctly?

why did you make it ESX?

Why not?

i just dont understand how you came from you added more sounds to hey lets make it esx i always wonder^^

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I installed everything correctly, but no sound is played

My Console (f8) is clean with no errors

how to modify the volume?

I know, old post but…

Can you guys please just add how you did it, it helps many other people.

Simply saying “i found out how” doenst help anyone :confused: not for the sake of me (we don’t use the Script) but other people would appreciate it.

hello I give it but it does not play sound

Hi, I know the script was released long time ago but i installed it and the volume is really loud, so i was trying to change it … Could you help me please ?
(sorry for my english)