[QBCore] Cash As Item

The ideal script for you to utilize cash as an item in your roleplay server. This script is highly compatible with all inventory and money-based functions and significantly enhances the roleplay experience, making it more authentic and providing a wider range of options for your server. The installation process is straightforward, and you can easily follow the documentation link provided below for step-by-step instructions. So, don’t hesitate, to take the first step towards an improved roleplay experience by installing this script right away!


  • Verifying the cash by cross-checking the database and inventory items
  • Works with all inventory functions
  • Works perfectly with all Cash functions and scripts such as shops, banks and so on
  • Easy installation followed by documentation

Supported Inventory

  • qb-inventory
  • ps-inventory
  • lj-inventory
Config = {}

Config.Currency = { ['cash'] = true, }  -- Name of the currency and item need to be the same



  • v1.0.1 - Added auto-detection for exports with inventory and updated documentation (16 May 2024)

Check out Documentation for Installation, Config and Exports: README

Install Now £1: https://highqez.tebex.io/

Code is accessible Partially
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 330+
Requirements qb-core, qb-inventory/lj-inventory/ps-inventory
Support Yes

Our Resources

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Gross encrypting something that should be free and open-source? Devs these days are dispicable.

For those wanting cash as an item use ox_inventory. It’s free, exploit free (unlike qb/lj and ps-inventory), it also has support for QBCore.


Yes, ox_inventory can be used for QBCore but still, many servers stick with the other inventories. The script is not made for ox_inventory. This is only for qb/ps/lj-inventory where Server owners struggle to edit their inventory to use CASH AS ITEM.

This script is free, Function parts of the script are open and the main part is encrypted since the Server owners don’t need to worry about the scripting. I believe it’s always the developer’s right to encrypt or not. It is free to use for who it needs.

EDIT: The script is not free anymore since we like to protect the script and we can’t do it with community rules as Free resource

Can i add crypto?
because i have it as a item in my city

Yes, you can add crypto or any currency as an item from the qb-core config. Make sure the item name and currency name are the same. And yes I do custom scripting

not sure why previous comments got removed. but again to what i was saying good on ya for only charging a dollar.

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Yes, we only charge a dollar to make it using Tebex so the server owners can easily access it in future and encrypt our method. It’s not the same as the other scripts out here. Just needed 5 edits in qbcore and all good to go.

I think the community moderators removed those comments.


Been looking for months for this your a star thank you

Happy to hear that, Our script is easier to install and more effective than other options. I developed it after becoming frustrated with errors from other cashitem scripts.

Thanks for this ! 100% working and amazing support

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Thank you for your feedback

Make sure you edit the qb-core function with new documentation


  • v1.0.1 - Added auto-detection for exports with inventory and updated documentation (16 May 2024)