[QBCore] Cash As Item

Just purchased, went through the readme/docs and installed it within 5 minutes, thank you!

One problem I have though, I tested it on almost everything on our server just to make sure, though using a modified version of qb-customs (linked) it doesn’t seem to take a payment. I thought maybe because I was set as police, so I tried with taxi job and still gives everything for FREE.

Would love it if you could have a look and see why. Thanks :slight_smile:

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Our script uses qbcore and is compatible with all resources that use qbcore functions. It does not depend on addon scripts.

I reviewed the script and found that it is deducting cash from the community account rather than your personal account. Since there is no balance in your job account, the cash isn’t being deducted. This issue isn’t related to our cash item script.

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All good, no worries, thanks for explaining :+1:

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You are welcome🙏

Just a report back on this, fixed up the script to stop taking money from society, and now it’s working as it should do taking money from players. Thanks once again :blush:

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That’s great⚡

not sure why cash in my inventory not update when buy something in the shops

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You might need to modify qbcore and inventory according to the documentation. After that, it will work perfectly

I do it too, but it’s not change. it’s work I try with QBCore 1.0 v and ps-inventory 1.1 v.? because my server use this version.

We have provided documentation for both the old and new versions of qbcore and inventory. The main difference between the two is that their functions are located in different files. You will need to identify which version belongs to you from the documentation and then add the specified events to the functions, such as AddMoney, RemoveMoney, SetMoney, AddItem, RemoveItem, and ClearInventory.

The commit for both the old and new versions of qbcore and inventory is included in this documentation section.

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