[PAID][STANDALONE] Object Camera

The Object Camera/Freecam script is a tie in script which allows you to call an export and have the player go into an object placement mode.

This export could be called from your own frameworks (ESX, QBCore etc etc) for prop placement or similar. A future update of this will be an extensive base building system with boundary boxes for the camera.

Current Features:

  • Freecam mode
  • Object camera mode
  • Ability to place props
  • Fully synced for all players
  • Full cleanup and optimization built
  • Fully standalone (No framework dependencies)
  • Built in event security

Future Features :

  • Full base building script (Will be a separate resource as to not take away from this one)

Escrow and open versions are available
NativeMods | Object Camera (Escrow Version) (tebex.io)
NativeMods | Object Camera (Open Version) (tebex.io)


Code is accessible Version Dependent
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) ~426
Requirements Standalone
Support Yes
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Freaking dope dude well done, very good prices aswell :+1:

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How do we select props that we want to put?

Hi, there are exports in which you can pass object names to. Could tie these to use item events in your framework :slight_smile: