[PAID][QBCore] FoodJobs Three Place in One Script

Hello everyone, This is my first script. There are many food related scripts or jobs. But combining them all into one. I wanted to loop it over time. Thus, only certain places remain open at certain times.
This gives us the shift state we’ve seen in NoPixel.
I hope you like it.

I think I did some detail. After a certain level, I thought that excessive detail would force the player, so I tried to shorten them with some small solutions. I also paid attention to make many things realistic.


  • 3 workplaces working by time. (Noodle/TacoBell/Burgershot)
  • A highly detailed food production system.
  • Modern design.
  • Objects(Props) set when producing or consuming.
  • Customizable animations.You can change it if you want.
  • You can customize many coordinates.
  • Select time base (game time/reallife time)
  • Multi-language support
  • 88 Total Items, 18 eatable Items and Eating Anim.
  • It was designed according to the state of decay.(aka durability/quality)



  • Turkish
  • English

Video - Streamble
(The sound may have been a little distorted because I was speeding it up.
The long version will be on youtube as soon as possible.)

Purchase: Price : 15.99€(+ Tax)


  • 0.01 - 0.02 (You can also see it in the video.)

My system configure for resmon

  • i7-4720 HQ
  • 16 GB RAM
  • GTX 960M

Known issues

  • All problems solved.

Update : 03. Dec. 2021

  • The translation issues have been resolved.(items name)
  • It has been converted to QBV2.1.
  • bt-target change to qb-target.
  • V2 Coming Soon :slight_smile: You can look at qb-coolbeans to get an idea.And ESX Support

Update : 21. Dec. 2021

  • nh-context removed. Change to qb-menu
  • Added sounds that had been removed in the previous version.


  • Can I change the item names in Turkish?

    • Yes, Of Course. But you need to change its name in the script. (Server-Side and in Config Shop Items) Fixed 03.Dec 2021
  • Are MLO structures included in the script?

    • No. It will be more ethically correct to obtain it from other places.Or it would be better to buy. I couldn’t find the tebex of the people or I was going to reference it. (NP-Burgershot,NoodleExchange(Map4All),TacoBell(Ultruz))
  • I want to move to different locations is it possible?

    • Yes, You can make some pad positions from the Config file.

Check out our other scripts here:


Is this only for QBCore? :confused:

Yes just qbcore for now. I’m thinking of bringing ESX support in the coming days.

I definitely would. A majority of the community runs on ESX or standalone.
Would have loved to purchase this but literally cant :confused:

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Thanks for supporting the framework :heart:


Follow the title. I hope you will see the update soon in a week.

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how would we get the maps?

There are many unethical places to buy. I gave the names of the map owners. Due to Tebex and FiveM rules, I cannot redirect to external resources(Ads).

You can take time to convert it…

No. Propably You probably made the wrong addition in Shared.the lua file.
Check Adding Jobs

Waste off money, they dont set it up propperly and and missing images … cant preppere the burgers and keep kicking me off job and the retards dont even make god support. When i buy a script i expect it to work first time and… and i should just start i up nothing Els … this is headick

First of all, thank you for your valuable insult. But you were the only person who took the Script and had problems. The fact that you do not have basic computer competencies is not our problem. Because you had to add the items or professions yourself.
We can’t interfere with your system. I am sending you the code clearly.

We’re not responsible for your own incompetence.
The photos are sent in the file. I don’t understand if you expect us to put this in the qb-inventory as well. LOL

So tell me why couldent you just sell a script that redy to run with everything redy!? … i Cant make the food i mean some off it i Can but i Can prepere the meals and i dont get eny finnish product and it keep kicking me out off the job … and i did all you told me … Then you Got irreteret and stoped the support … thanks for the great support lol

I’m sorry, but we can’t add some things. Because they need to be added to QB-Core or qb-inventory.
That’s why we wrote them in the requirements section.
If it was possible to make such a ready-made script, we would have already done it. And we never wrote anything down on the requirements. We’re not responsible for the fact that you don’t know.

You couldn’t even do what you had to do. You were supposed to add professions to shared lua. Have you been able to add no.

How can I help a person who cannot set his own local time? I said I can’t support you on this anymore. I said I’ll solve it if you have scriptural problems.
For example you need to add food to qb-smallresources file in qb-framework. This is a requirement, how can I do this, you have to do it. Not me.

Please, I recommend that you first learn how to manage the server, what are the files. It is so obvious that you do not know anything about the mechanics of the game.Or first find out how the qb-core you are using works and cut your stupid comments.

We have been supporting you for days. And the problem we have is as simple as learning how to boot the computer.

Thanks to you, I will write that basic computer knowledge is required for the requirements.
I never meant to be rude to you, but you deserve it, sorry. You can’t justify yourself by putting all your blame on us. You are the one who failed.

Shit service and waste off money, i told you 100 times im not good at this… im trying my Best and this is how you treet your costomer … you dont even want to do the support finnish … i now im not the Best but when i buy something
I expect you to give me the propperly support until the script work as it should … you faild

I’m sorry I couldn’t set the time of your computer. I’m sorry about that. Let me know if you find a developer or vendor who will do this. I’d even like to set my computer clock to them.
We are providing a working script, but for some reason you are deliberately taking action to break it because we are sending our code open. If we sent it closed, you would just look and it would work.

Don’t get me wrong, but you’re not good at anything. You say you don’t even know the requirements and the script doesn’t work. You’re saying that you can’t add food items and the script doesn’t work. This is really about blaming yourself on someone else. We supported you for 5 days. You can’t even change the coordinates, you’re using a different MLO than us.

You have been given very good support up to the part of setting up your computer clock and you are extremely satisfied. You don’t even know how to play the game clock or computer clock by time. I think you have not read this title well and understood the requirements. You may not know it well, but you’re not trying to find out, and you’re blaming it on us.
Dude, it’s your problem. Please don’t say any more.

It doesn’t say anywhere that we will provide free support. We provide this on our own initiative.
If your insults and crying are over, please leave here.

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wtf dude … you so much vrong … i added the items and the cords becouse i wanted i another place … but i let it stay until i got i to work … becouse you fools diddent do what you supose to do … make a working script that just need to be started …