[PAID][QB/ESX] Qua-FoodJobs V2 All in One Infinity Places

All Place in One Script Unlimited

Hello Everyone, It’s been almost 5 months since the First Version. And now I wanted to end this food thing. That’s why I created a script that you can sell where you can add new places unlimitedly. You can sell or buy places in-game. In this way, I have been more realistic and reduced the intervention of the admin in the game.


  • 6 Work Station (Make,Drink etc. 6 functions to be determined by you.)
  • Ability to enter 3 optional items while making items/foods.
  • Realistic Sound and Animation (Fully customizable)
  • A highly detailed food production system.
  • Customizable animations. You can change it if you want.
  • You can customize many coordinates.
  • Shops available for purchase or sale.
  • Ability to add unlimited locations and branches. ( I test 8 Different Places)
  • Easy Localization file.
  • Discord Webhook for Buy Place
  • Billing System
  • Realistic Food Props(Game props)
  • High Optimized Script
  • Ability to operate a place in more than one place.(In video pier burger shot etc)
  • 106 Items 4 Place Included.
  • Eat or Drink 36 Items
  • Changeable place purchase menu.


QB (Recommended)

ESX (Not recommended)

Technical Limitations

  • Since everything is customizable, there is a workload for you.
  • For now, you can only request a maximum of 3 items.
  • You can create a maximum of 6 production stations.
  • In some MLOs, the object problem may not be detected in the structures. It may force you.
  • This script takes the power of qb-target. You can use it up to the limits of qb-target.

Technical Dependencies

  • For ESX it requires mastery of ESX. Because I left custom places for you. You will change them yourself.
  • The ability to set up just right for QBCore.


  • English


Purchase: Price : 30.00 € (+ Tax Some Regions)

If you want No Escrow : Price : 45.00 € (+ Tax Some Regions)


  • 0.00-0.01ms

Parts of the script are encrypted using Introducing Asset Escrow for your resources . Editable features include Config file: Target,Sounds,Text,Items,Anims,Coords etc.

Escrow Details

IMPORTANT: Basically, The CFX account that you have purchased must match the CFX account of your server.
Example: Buyed Account : LoremImporsum ServerKeyAccount : ImporsumLorem in this case will not work.
Buyed Account : LoremImporsum and ServerKeyAccount : LoremImporsum in this case will work.

To List

  • NPC Mission
  • Transfer Company/Place Command :white_check_mark:
  • Props(The one in the previous version.)


  • What is the difference between V1 and V2??

    • There is no time-dependent shift.
    • Probes are no more when producing food.
    • You can now add unlimited locations.
  • Are MLO structures included in the script?

    • If you want, you can change it according to your own structures. These are included as an example only.
    • No, but I can give you their names. (Some are not in tebex.)
  • I want to move to different locations is it possible?

    • You will do everything from the Config file.
  • Why expensive?

    • Because you will no longer need to pay for another food or coffee etc. script.

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Updated 2.0.1

  • Oxymysql 1.9.3 (Future Oxymysql V2.0.0) update for QBCore.
  • Add Transfer Company/Place Command
  • Fixed the issue of one person purchasing multiple places/companies.
  • Rework Buy menu company text visual.
  • Add : All item images have been added.