[PAID][QB] Qua-FoodJobs V2.5 All in One Infinity Places

All Place in One Script Unlimited

Hello Everyone, It’s been almost 5 months since the First Version. And now I wanted to end this food thing. That’s why I created a script that you can sell where you can add new places unlimitedly. You can sell or buy places in-game. In this way, I have been more realistic and reduced the intervention of the admin in the game.


  • 6 Work Station (Make,Drink etc. 6 functions to be determined by you.)
  • Ability to enter 3 optional items while making items/foods.
  • Realistic Sound and Animation (Fully customizable)
  • A highly detailed food production system.
  • Customizable animations. You can change it if you want.
  • You can customize many coordinates.
  • Shops available for purchase or sale.
  • Ability to add unlimited locations and branches. ( I test 8 Different Places)
  • Easy Localization file.
  • Discord Webhook for Buy Place
  • Billing System
  • Realistic Food Props(Game props)
  • High Optimized Script
  • Ability to operate a place in more than one place.(In video pier burger shot etc)
  • 140 Items 4 Place Included.
  • Eat or Drink 88 Items
  • Changeable place purchase menu.



Technical Limitations

  • Since everything is customizable, there is a workload for you.
  • For now, you can only request a maximum of 3 items.
  • You can create a maximum of 6 production stations.
  • In some MLOs, the object problem may not be detected in the structures. It may force you.
  • This script takes the power of qb-target. You can use it up to the limits of qb-target.


  • English


Purchase: Price : 30.00 € (+ Tax Some Regions)


  • 0.00-0.01ms

More Role Experience
I recommend


Update: 2.0.5 :white_check_mark:

  • GKS Phone Support. For Delivery Messages. Thanks @PhenomAndMunch
  • Old qb-bossmenu Support.
  • NoPixel Burgershot Template Support

Update: 2.0.4 :white_check_mark:

  • New Items and New Icons
    • In order not to interfere with the other item structure, there is now a prefix for the items of the venues. Thus, you will not have conflicts with the items of your different scripts.
    • Menus have been changed. And many new items have been added for Noodle.
    • A lot of Icons Credit : Github McKleans
  • Delivery Job (NPC Mission) Activated.
    • You can arrange all delivery locations separately for each location.
    • You can change the list of pads that will receive the delivery.
    • You can change the price of each product to be delivered by specifying the range.
    • It uses qb-phone by default, but you can cancel it or adapt it to your own customized phone.
  • Burgershot is moved new MLO (GN-Modz)
  • All Code Refactor. ( It supports all custom frameworks with qb-core infrastructure as much as possible.)
    • I’ve made the config file more understandable now. Otherwise, it was very complex and it was very challenging for you to create a new place.
  • Garage system added. You just rent a car and then deliver it. It has a completely simple function.
  • PS Progressbar Support.
Escrow Details

IMPORTANT: Basically, The CFX account that you have purchased must match the CFX account of your server.
Example: Buyed Account : LoremImporsum ServerKeyAccount : ImporsumLorem in this case will not work.
Buyed Account : LoremImporsum and ServerKeyAccount : LoremImporsum in this case will work.



  • What is the difference between V1 and V2??

    • There is no time-dependent shift.
    • Probes are no more when producing food.
    • You can now add unlimited locations.
  • Are MLO structures included in the script?

    • If you want, you can change it according to your own structures. These are included as an example only.
    • No, but I can give you their names. (Some are not in tebex.)
  • I want to move to different locations is it possible?

    • You will do everything from the Config file.
  • Why expensive?

    • Because you will no longer need to pay for another food or coffee etc. script.

Check out our other scripts here:

Code is accessible No (Escrow)
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 1500+
Requirements qbcore
Support Yes

Updated 2.0.1

  • Oxymysql 1.9.3 (Future Oxymysql V2.0.0) update for QBCore.
  • Add Transfer Company/Place Command
  • Fixed the issue of one person purchasing multiple places/companies.
  • Rework Buy menu company text visual.
  • Add : All item images have been added.

dosnt work on esx like advertised

You bought it without asking if it works with disc inventory. The necessary warnings for you were made in the title above. In addition, you both got the script and got your money back thanks to tebex. :slight_smile:

It has been stated above that ESX information is not required for its installation, it is not recommended that changes should be made, so it is only sold as open source.


  • ESX sales were stopped because people who did not know the business bought the ESX version and demanded a refund and harmed me. They both own the script and demand a refund because it is open source. :slight_smile:

no i havent as tebex have not refunded me so if your saying this tell them to refund me

You demanded the money. I no longer have your money. You can contact Tebex side. I can send you proof if you want. :slight_smile:
I hope you will not use the script and delete it directly due to ethical rules.
have a nice day.

i dont even have the money or script as the script is coded to qbcore not esx

Always confused why Devs use Leaked assets for their scripts, let alone one that was to be exclusive or still is. Can’t support that kinda stuff.

I just used one source like that. You can already find it when you google it.
You can get others for a fee. They are available on their site, but since they do not use tebex, I cannot share their links.

The choice is yours, we do not take it by force. Thanks for your comment.

I just found and used one source from google. Because I wanted to show that the same business can work simultaneously in different twin places.If there are different twin places you know, show me an example and I will use it and add it as an example. :slight_smile:

I stated that I could not give the link of the others because they did not use tebex.

I cite the source of all of them as best I can, and when selling, structures are not included.

It is your choice whether to use these structures or not, as there is no obligation for you to support them.

Thank you feedback and comment

you need to help as u got to keep money so please help fix your stuff its not coverted to esx properly

I don’t have your money. Send an e-mail to Tebex. If you can withdraw the money, you can also send them an e-mail.
Please don’t try to use the script either because you didn’t pay for it. Please don’t make stupid comments. You committed fraud. You are trying to be right.

CFX and Tebex know this stupid move you made. It’s obvious that there is no problem for me except you use the script. Because I presented everything with proof :slight_smile:

Hi, just want to clarify. If I buy this, I also need to buy the MLO’s to be able to go inside and set the locations?

Yes you need these structures. However, you can move it to other locations if you wish. So you don’t need MLO structures to make changes. All of them are adjustable via the Config file.
Ex: You don’t want to use the structures here. You don’t have to get an MLO.

I want to clarify this situation. In the basic form of the script, these 4 places are defined, but you can add as many places as you want and change these 4 places. This is the main feature of the script.

I’ll be releasing a base version of Free MLOs later this week. So you won’t have to buy MLO builds.

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Awesome. I just want to make sure I buy the correct things. Thanks so much!


  • I removed some builds due to ethical issues and not being accessible to all users.(There are places that sell them, but obviously they are not the right places.)
  • I recommend the free version of Burgershot. However, it is extremely simple to transfer this to different structures if you want.
  • qb-management compatibility is ensured. The document has been updated.

NPC Mission yet?

Update: 2.0.3 :white_check_mark:

  • The qb-menu has been updated. (Item Images inclued in menu)
  • qb-management update.
  • Now the logos of the venues are available.
  • You can now craft items without the item requirement.

Next Update : Estimate 1 June

  • NPC Mission (I realize this is very late but some code needs to be changed and I will do it together with it.)
  • In the case of OffDuty, instead of opening a shop(inventory), we will operate directly from the qb-menu.
  • All Code Refactor. (It looks very complex for you to understand and you will be able to use your custom frameworks easily through Config.)

hey im abit confused about your response in the comments about the esx sales are you say that they are no longer being sold because they are now free on open source or something else?