[PAID][QB] Luxury Autos Car Shop V2

Old Version Picture V1

Do you want to sell your import vehicles in a separate place? The script came to you.


  • Stocked system
  • Everything works with SQL.
  • Low resmon value.
  • Easy Installation
  • Commission System If you want UsingJob
  • Test Drive
  • Discord Webhook
  • Full Sync
  • Easy Config
  • Easy Translate File




  • English


Old Version V1


Price : 20.00 € (+ Tax) - V2


  • 0.00

My system configure for resmon

  • i7-4720 HQ
  • 16 GB RAM
  • GTX 960M
Changelog Current

Update: 05.Dec.21 Version 2.0

  • Removed unnecessary dependencies. (nh-context,cd-drawtext)
  • Added Test Drive
  • All menus was converted to qb-target and qb-menu.
  • In previous versions, the problem of staying in the menu or on the camera was solved optimally.

Update: 13.Jan.22 Version 2.0.1

  • Oxmysql 1.9.3 (Future 2.0.0) compatibility update. :white_check_mark:

Update: 24.March.22 Version 2.0.2

  • Fixed some translation errors. :white_check_mark:
  • You can now update or change stocks in-game.

Update: 04.June.22 Version 2.0.3

  • Moved to Luxury Autos.(Breeze MLO no longer reachable.)
  • Coordinates are still open. You can move it to a different location if you want.
  • Only certain authorities can manage the stock.(Grade)
  • Remove Cam Look System.
  • Re-name title > Old Name : Import Vehicle Shop
Changelog V1


  • Added oxmysql support. (You can change it from the config file.)
  • Fixed the problem of staying in the menu when the vehicle is not added.
  • DrawTextui just converted to cd_drawtextui(for general use.)


  • Option to use with bt-target has been introduced. In this way, it has a consumption of 0.02.
  • I have change menu to nh-context very powerful script. In this way consumption in the menu has decreased.
  • Some links were working with steam ID and there was custom stuff in SQL query. I remove these. And I made it rockstar license number.(This is how the original QBUS uses it.)


  • @Kmack710 has been an inspiration to me. First of all, I thank him. This inspired to do the rapid optimization. Your comment was definitely helpful.
    For now, I added 2 new contexts. We experienced 50% 60% performance gain with a very simple method. With his suggestion, I will do a detailed study and observe the results.
  • We knew that printing text consumes a lot of resources. That’s why I removed it. I added a simple UI notification. In this way, we made a good profit. And since I’m using PolyZone, the Create.Thread part is not constantly checking position.
  • Thus, a more optimized situation occurred while navigating the menu. And we saw values ​​of 0.09.

Check out our other scripts here:

Code is accessible Yes Only Config (Escrow)
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 700
Requirements qbcore
Support Yes

What menu is that that actually uses 0.45 Resmon?

Wouldn’t it be easier to use NH-context ? Or if you use NH-context already and its doing 0.45 it prob means you have the menu in a citizen thread without a break/wait at the end of it (Since you only need the menu to load fully once every time they open the stop) to stop the high resmon.

Looks good for sure but anything that ever his 0.45 is very un-optimized my whole server runs at 2.0ms or less so this would add like 25% more usage.

Not trying to be rude or anything just trynna help you figure out how to make it more optimized so more people will get it.

Edit - Glad I could help out with getting the MS down :slight_smile: Great work!


can for esx ?

Def gonna buy it after uodate good work

Script for QBCore but we help for return ESX.

Nopixel leaked cars with a Nopixel rip off UI? :thinking: Koil aint going to be happy


No, they just look alike. It has nothing to do with NP cars. Also the UI is public. nh-context ?
Koil may be upset about this thought.

Thanks for that info.I was unaware about the UI but at a glance they did look like NP cars, my bad for the thought but non the less, the Script is pretty darn nice.Very nice job

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The script is obfuscated? i ask because if i will buy that i need to modify to my custom framework!

Best Regards!

Hello, No obfuscate, No IP Lock.
This script is open code.

Is this player owned?? with a boss menu?

No, but it can be simply added.
Actually, I think I’ll add it in the next update, thanks.

I think I’ve made the appropriate update for you. :slight_smile: V2.

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Good job

is this not just qb-vehicleshop?

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Actually no, if you look at the previous versions you will see the differences. qb-vehicleshop was updated after this script. So it’s normal to have similarities.

I got an obfuscated version. Can I please have the full script so I can make adjustments where needed?

I just bought this script and maybe I am blind but I don’t understand where to add cars to the config. I can’t edit the client or server files either because they are obfuscated.


Update: I figured it out. The readme said

" Do the SQL(importveh.sql) query in it. And then start the script."

I didn’t realize I had to add the cars to the SQL as well as the QB-Core shared file.

I do have a question though… is there an option to have a car on display?

Hi Thanks for bought, I’m glad you fixed the problem.Since there are various abuses, the vehicles are only seen at the stage when the catalog is looked at. In other words, it is not possible for the vehicles to appear as showrooms all the time, unfortunately.

Ok thanks, it works great otherwise!