[PAID][QB/ESX] Cafe Cool Beans Job


Cafe Cool Beans

Hello everyone, I’m sharing my script that will improve your roleplay experience. Do you want to run a cafe in full detail?

I have designed this script to be as developable and detailed as I can. I hope you would like it.

I would like to thank HaneStudios for creating this structure/MLO. This detailed structure of them inspired me.


  • Full Customizable Config.
  • Full Optimized Script
  • Easy Editable Multi-language Support
  • Billing
  • Boss-Management
  • Easy Adding Craft/Make Items.
  • Stand System
  • Realistic Sound - Editable
  • Real 12 Coffee Craft/Make - Default
  • Real 3 Dessert - Default
  • Real Food Craft/Make
  • Real Craft Raw Product
  • Total 32 Item and more… Depending on the details you want, this number may rise.




  • English



Purchase: Price : 15.00 € (+ Tax)


  • 0.01 - 0.02 (Despite the bad system)


  • 26 Nov. - ESX Support.
  • 29 Nov. - QB Freezer/Stock Name problem fixed.

Parts of the script are encrypted using Introducing Asset Escrow for your resources . Editable features include Config file: Target,Sounds,Text,Items,Anims,Coords etc.

IMPORTANT: Basically, The CFX account that you have purchased must match the CFX account of your server.
Example: Buyed Account : LoremImporsum ServerKeyAccount : ImporsumLorem in this case will not work.
Buyed Account : LoremImporsum and ServerKeyAccount : LoremImporsum in this case will work.

My system configure for resmon

  • i7-4720 HQ
  • 16 GB RAM
  • GTX 960M


  • Will ESX support come??
    • Yes, Of Course. Coming Soon. UPDATE: 26 Nov. - ESX Support.
  • Are MLO structures included in the script?
  • There are some visual problems?
    • These problems are completely caused by my bad system.(20 FPS :nauseated_face:)
  • Do I need to make changes?
    • For ESX? Yes. We have left you the areas that you can adapt for yourself for ESX.
    • If you don’t have a special case, you don’t need to make changes.

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oh its cute

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its good and optimized

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