[PAID][QB] Qua-FoodJobs V2.5 All in One Infinity Places

The ESX version was only allowed to be used as open source. Some customers have provided this and requested refunds via tebex. They abused this situation. That’s why all sales in ESX and Open code form are now stopped. They both got an open source script and got a refund. As a result, I have decided to stop these sales.

For now, only a qb-core compatible structure is available for sale with escrow.

Update: 2.0.4 :white_check_mark:

  • New Items and New Icons
    • In order not to interfere with the other item structure, there is now a prefix for the items of the venues. Thus, you will not have conflicts with the items of your different scripts.
    • Menus have been changed. And many new items have been added for Noodle.
    • A lot of Icons Credit : Github McKleans
  • Delivery Job (NPC Mission) Activated.
    • You can arrange all delivery locations separately for each location.
    • You can change the list of pads that will receive the delivery.
    • You can change the price of each product to be delivered by specifying the range.
    • It uses qb-phone by default, but you can cancel it or adapt it to your own customized phone.
  • Burgershot is moved new MLO (GN-Modz)
  • All Code Refactor. ( It supports all custom frameworks with qb-core infrastructure as much as possible.)
    • I’ve made the config file more understandable now. Otherwise, it was very complex and it was very challenging for you to create a new place.
  • Garage system added. You just rent a car and then deliver it. It has a completely simple function.
  • PS Progressbar Support.

More Role Experience
I recommend

Update Preview : Youtube Link

Update: 2.0.5 :white_check_mark:

  • GKS Phone Support. For Delivery Messages. Thanks @PhenomAndMunch
  • Old qb-bossmenu Support.
  • NoPixel Burgershot Template Support