[PAID][QB/ESX] Tequi-La-La Job

Hi everybody, I present to you my Tequilala script. Basically, it’s a place with free versions available.
But most of them were non-functional and simple. This one is more detailed.


  • Full Customizable Config.
  • Full Optimized Script
  • Billing
  • Billing with Concert Ticket
  • Management
  • Easy Adding Craft/Make Items.
  • Stand System (So you sell what you produce. And the profit of this comes to your safe. People buy from this stand/showcase. If you are not onDuty, the normal shop comes into play.)
  • Tip Box System
  • Realistic Custom Sound
  • 55 Item Default Combination item.
  • 10 Craft-Usable(Alcohol) Item (It can be increased)
  • DJ Script (With xsound)
  • All Item Images and Sound Include.
  • Total 65 Items and more… Depending on the details you want, this number may rise.


ESX Open Code


  • English



Purchase: Price : 10.00 € (+ Tax)

If you want No Escrow Open CodePrice: 20.00 € (+ Tax)

Parts of the script are encrypted using Introducing Asset Escrow for your resources . Editable features include Config file: Target,Sounds,Text,Items,Anims etc.


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Update 1.0.1 Hot Fix

  • Add Missing Item
  • Fixed a problem with changing the volume setting.
  • The problem that caused him not to play the song has been solved.
  • README.md the deficiency in the document has been corrected.
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Thanks for creating such an engaging video, I really enjoyed watching it. I appreciate it. :v:

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Update 1.0.2

  • Add Item props with animation
  • Edited animations during production.
  • Added prop to all of the drinks.
  • ESX Support*

The video about the update has been added to the post.

Are we over the beef now

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