[MLO] All Hassaric’s Maps For Free

Hi everyone,

I no longer have time to develop maps since I’m mainly focusing on finishing my bachelor’s degree and work so I decided to contribute with something to this wonderful community by releasing all my maps for free. You can edit, use and share the maps as much as you like, I don’t demand eny credit for it.

Download here: all_hassarics_maps_for_free.rar (61.9 MB)

Please enjoy. It was hell of a ride and my pleasure.

Maps included in this package:
[MLO] Tequi-la-la - Redesigned FiveM Interior
[MLO] Harrison’s Pawn Shop
[MLO] Family Pharmacy
[MLO] Benny’s Original Motor Works - Redesigned FiveM Interior
[MLO] Salieri’s Bar (Paid)

Update 30. 8. 2023:
It‘s been some time since I released something and I‘m very happy coming back to designing maps. I teamed up with my friend and we turned Hassaric‘s Maps to NEST 3D Design. We‘ve been working hard and we are proud to introduce you our very first map we made together - ⁠Barracuda_café. Check it out :sunglasses: .

I believe our cooperation will bring more maps in the future. Can‘t wait!

Hassaric :heart:


Thank you for your service to the community good sir. :wave:


Very generous. Good luck in your future in mechanical engineering. :grin:


Free resources must be directly uploaded to forums, also paypal on Tebex

@TheIndra fixed


All the best, sir! Good luck with everything you do


Hassaric Thank You for this great release to community.

Wish you all the best.

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in Germany we say “You are A Ehrenman” <3
Good Luck for your Bachelor


Good luck in your bachelor’s degree. Thank you for your contribution to the community. Push forward :slightly_smiling_face:


thx bro ur a god :heart_eyes:

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This is amazing! Thanks homie!

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wow, good job!

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Good luck with your bachelors!

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Thank you for your contributions and service to the community! :grin:

And all the best to your studies! :smiley:

Good job

Thanks bro!!!

maps don’t show ?

Why does the download keep getting canceled? Does the DL link not work anymore?

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