[PAID] [ESX/QBCore/Any framework] high-phone | Truly the best looking phone!

Hello, hello dear cfx.re users!

Finally, we're coming out to daylight, with surely the best and the most original looking, the smoothest, and made with high standarts of quality phone on the market!

This phone has been worked on for months, made totally from scratch guaranteeing high quality code and very few bugs that you might find on a long-term use! If you find any bugs just report them to us! We’ll fix them ASAP!

If you don’t believe our words, check out the phone in action here for 8 minutes and 7 seconds!
This resource is updated very often! So the video might be outdated as well.
Keep in mind this video does not show the full abilities of this phone, it is more advanced than seen in the video!

Worth mentioning features, and what you get by buying this:

  • The most advanced banking app with player ID or IBAN transfers [configurable], with a nice graph on the app to see your phone transactions. Money requests, invoices screen and other cool stuff!
  • The best animations around, and the smoothest possible usage of the phone! Don’t even bother looking for bugs, we’re fixing them quicker than the speed of lightning here, so you will either not find any bugs, or find one on a long-term use, that you can simply report for us.
  • Free updates with very exciting new features and bug fixes!
  • Lockscreen, with the coolest animations of unlocking, notifications that can be removed with a very nice and easy to use swipe animation.
  • Group chats system, with high configurability, customization of individual groups and much more!
  • Best looking/most advanced app store, with configurable download times, amazing animations and much more!
  • The most advanced ads app, with configurable categories, jobs, job grades for categories, deleting/editing ads, posting images, taking them on spot, calling/messaging ad posters and more!
  • The most advanced twitter app, with rank system [verified, admin], reporting/deleting tweets, posting images and taking them on spot, replies with the coolest design available, editing profile, register/login screen, hashed/unhashed passwords and more!
  • Amazing optimization! Works great with servers that even have 200 players online!
  • The coolest and most advanced notes app on a phone on FiveM.
  • Priority support for any problems that occur with the script!
  • Highly configurable with +700 lines of configuration , fully translateable with 400+ lines of translations, from changing the shown time format, group member limit, to fully translating your phone or even adding new apps!
  • Fully editable design, you can change HTML/CSS code! That means, you can change colors, design layout and much other stuff!
  • The most advanced dark chat app with so many features that include group creation, profile customization, banning/kicking members from groups, sending images/locations to groups and way more!
  • Both backgrounds changeable, lock and home screens, with posibility to pre-add them or use your own from a link.
  • And so much more for an extremely fair price!

The script requires mysql-async or oxmysql, ESX V1.0-1.2/Legacy or QB-Core to be installed! It can be made compatible with any framework, with some scripting knowledge. There is a tutorial on how to do it and many other things in the phone documentation!

This phone supports the most popular VOIP’s, like mumble-voip, pma-voice, ■■■■-voip and salty.
The phone also supports custom frameworks, you can fully modify the functions, event names, database structure and other things required to make the resource compatible with any framework with the some LUA development skills.

Script is also compatible with multicharacter scripts.

This script uses the new FiveM’s script authentication/escrow so your server artifact version has to be 4752 or above in order to be able to run this resource!

You can see some more information about the script and purchase it on our tebex shop at only 65€ excl. VAT!!

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good resource
keep it up!


Hi, Good job, only avaible with mouse control ?


At the moment yes, maybe in the future there will be keyboard support (already added)


What is the design made with? pure css, bootstrap or tailwindcss

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Pure css


Has this been tested with multichars? Specifically twitter. I had to disable gcphone’s twitter since it stayed logged in across characters, hoping that’s fixed here :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Looks sweet. Would also like to know if its tested with Multichar and the compability :slight_smile:

Edit: You’re discord link on your tebex is outdated btw! :smiley:

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Logged in twitter account is specific to your identifier, as well as phone settings and phone number, so there won’t be any problems, since multicharacter works by modifying the identifiers


Fully compatible with multicharacters, also thanks, updated the discord link!

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This is awesome!


Hello, why not add the Salty

hello, this is a suggestion, it would be nice to be able to record videos, to pass them to friends, also to be able to make video calls. Very good script.

Hello You can configure it yourself

Gonna be added in the next few hours.

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Video calls are planned in the near future

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Looks awesome. Can twitter be sent via Discord webhook?

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Yes it can, if you mean sending tweets to discord webhook

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is there no dispatch system?


you can call the police, ambulance, one of the workers will pickup the call, it is also compatible with esx dispatch script that changes your phone number to 911, if thats what you’re talking about