[PAID] high-loading

Hello, hello! I’m here with another resource called high-loading!
An awesome looking loading screen, with a simple configuration, full source code access, and a very nice looking UI!

There’s nothing much to say about it, smooth animations, cool loader on the bottom, multiple pages for different information of the server, and more!
Check out how the loading screen performs live here!

You can buy the loading screen here on our tebex shop for only 15€ excl. VAT

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This looks awesome. Just got it on the store and will be testing it out in a bit.

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Streamable link is down…

Fixed link

Playing video doesnt work somehow.
It gives me an error about that play() and pause() is used both at the same time or some stuff. (Only happens in FiveM, browser works just fine)

I get the same situation with the video, it starts and almost immediately gets stuck and there´s nothing to do to get it working, even though it works fine when testing it in a web browser.

You should try using an online video link ending with an .mp4 or other extension. That helps for bigger files.

do not play the videos

Updated link again to youtube, as streamable didn’t like something…

ok when will it be possible to update

update what?

  <source src="url youtbe"


Ah you gotta use an iframe for a video from youtube, will show when home

ok pliz

escrow ?

Only asset authentication, no escrow encryption.

what method of auth

Script doesnt active on server?

Depends on what you mean by that. If the script doesn’t start for you, send me the error you’re getting when trying to start it, or whatever.

I fixed this issue, it was something I had done on my side and didn’t notice. Though, I am curious on how to play music, as none seems to play but there’s a song folder, and where I’d put the project video file into?