[PAID] [Standalone] high-3dsounds | The best audio system

Hello once again, CFX community!

We’re back with a top-notch quality resource once again, written fully from scratch: the best sound system! The smoothest, the most optimized and most advanced sound system that you can surely be proud of using in your own server.

This resource uses the NUI technology for playing sounds, but does not use the experimental and buggy positional web audio api.

And before you say that NUI is not made for playing audio, or that this resource is overpriced, our main reason of creating this sound system is to recreate the in-game native behavior for playing 3D audio with the ease of use, adding amazing audio effects that GTA does not provide in their native and giving advanced modification of sounds as well as other amazing features!

Being able to simply put your own mp3, ogg, wav and other format audio files or just put a YouTube video link to play audio in-game with extremely realistic effects such as actual 3D audio, muffled audio effects for various conditions and all that with by far the best optimization allowing 10’s of sounds being played near you!

In short, you can play 10 sounds and have only 0.05ms CPU usage! with all the effects, smoothness and real 3D audio! You get huge free updates, priority support, systems built with +4 years of experience in Web and FiveM development!

Resource is fully compatible with OneSync and OneSync Infinity!
Our resource also fully supports rcore_radiocar! So you can have music play in the vehicle with all the nice effects and smoothness! You can purchase rcore-radiocar here!

We will let the introduction video talk for us and present the resource in detail!

Worth mentioning features, and what you get by buying this:

  • Multiple audio file format support. Can put .ogg, .mp3 and other files into the sounds folder, no need to specify the format when playing the sound.
  • Seamless 3D sound, no sound cutting between right and left ears, the smoothest transitions on the market available.
  • High configurability including an option to have the sounds in entities that are type vehicle muffled if the door is closed & you’re not sitting in it.
  • Amazing optimization knowing this script does complex math calculations. With more than 0 sounds the CPU usage is only ~0.02ms, and with 10 sound players the CPU usage is only ~0.05ms!!! This means you can use this resource for a radio system that would be accessible by every player!!
  • Easy alternative to interactsound or xsound, doesn’t require changing event/function names!! Only transfering the sound files to high_3dsounds/assets/sounds folder that can have ANY format, it is automatically found by the script.
  • Ability to play ALL [copyrighted, non-copyrighted] videos from YouTube with just the video link! Works the same as it does with regular audio files with the 3D audio and effects.
  • Automatic loading of already playing sounds on the server and playing it at the same timestamp as it is for other people on player join (synced audio time position) (only works on server-side played sounds).

It does not require any dependencies, it is a standalone drag and drop replacement for interact-sound and xsound resources! You can use this resource for making new resources that require a sound system with an advanced API that will keep getting expanded and developed for a long time!

This script uses the new FiveM’s script authentication/escrow so your server artifact version has to be 4752 or above in order to be able to run this resource!

You can purchase the resource on our tebex shop at 45€ excl. VAT!!
Documentation for the resource can be found here!

Code is accessible Huge configs, main code - no
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) ~1600
Requirements None
Support Of course

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i think it is a great script and also the video that explains it in full was very interesting to me. GL :clap:


Nice but xsound does the job considering this is 50€ without vat


It does, but our resource is extremely smooth with the 3D system, brings way more realism into the game than just a distant ,3D" effect, that is not really considered 3D, has all the features xsound does and is very highly optimized, more than 10 sounds can play with just 0.05ms usage, something unreal right?
Oh, and don’t forget the support that you get for the resource unlike with free resources. This includes huge updates, help for installing the resource and help for fixing issues you might run into.

Also, the price has been dropped down a little.


Good work!

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What lib is used to handle the ‘3D’ effect ?

no libs, vanilla web audio api without any experimental and buggy howler or web audio api positional sound apis

Now you got my attention.
How much control do we have on the 3D audio ?

You can play the audio on entities, at coords, modify the audio with a variety of functions that will be added to the documentation most likely today, for more view the introduction video

vanilla web audio api without any experimental and buggy howler or web audio api positional sound apis

This doesn’t make any sense. How can you not use position and create a spatial audio. Web audio uses position of the source and the listner to create spatial audio, that’s how spatial audio is done. HowlerJS is just a wrapper for AudioContext and it obviously will be buggy if you don’t set it up properly to make it compatible with GTA environment

You can create a spatial audio effect using the stereo API with panners. You’re just used to the simple way of making positional audio with just providing the vectors into the ,setPosition" of the listener and the player which makes the whole 3D effect glitchy and not smooth, especially if you want to keep the optimization.
As its mentioned in the topic, we’re doing our own math calculations to determine the L/R balance.

Well I’m not used to anything cause I don’t do spatial audio everyday, but it seems a bit misleading to say that you do not use positional api. Using panner node seems to be fine but it doesn’t mean you are not using positional api. You can’t just pan nothing. Anyways you do you. Have a good day :slight_smile:

Yeah, using panner node is a way better solution than using the experimental positional API. And yeah, you don’t need a positional API to calculate the panner, distances and other stuff. That’s all possible with own math.

Would need a bit more info on this to see if this could get implemented on my project.
The most important feature i would need would be setting a min / max volume play on a 3D sound, not just being 1.0 at max / 0.0 at min.
Also setting the ‘size’ of a sound if i can call it like this. If for exemple i take an grenade explosion sound, i want to be able to set this sound to have a size of 2.0 where in this size, the sound is at max, then it’s reduced based on the distance.
Not sure if it’s very clear, i’m not sure myself how to explain it properly

Features are still getting added, as its just a BETA version of this system, so you could expect these functions in the near future.

The size, you mean the distance in which you can hear the sound? That is featured in our resource, check out 3dsound documentation.

Nope i’m not talking about this, hard to explain, this will probably not fit my needs now that i think of it.

You’re probably just overthinking it, that is doable with regular sound distance that turns down the volume depending on how far you are from the sound. There’s no need to make a size of a sound, I guess it would work something like if you’re inside the size the volume will be 1.0, and if outside it will start going down depending on how far you are, right?

What ? No that’s the default behavior of a 3D sound, i would hope your system have this.
I’m thinking of having different “type” of sound, for exemple if you play a song out of a speaker, the sound ‘size’ would be very small because it’s going out of a speaker. But the sound of an explosion is bigger, for exemple it would have a radius of 5.0 where in this radius the sound is still at 1.0 and then only outside of this radius it start decrasing the volume.
I tried existing solutions but none have this feature, so i’m better making my own

Again, very hard to explain

Actually after reading again

I guess it would work something like if you’re inside the size the volume will be 1.0, and if outside it will start going down depending on how far you are, right?

This part is right, this is what i’m looking for BUT with while controling the min / max volume of the sound, not just 1.0 / 0.0

Yeah now I got you, its not that hard to make and I will be implementing this in the near future updates.

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