[PAID][ESX][QB][VRP] AV House Robbery

Preview: AV House Robbery Script [Fivem][GTA V] - YouTube


  • Works with: ESX, QBCore, VRP (by dunko) and Standalone.

  • Easy Config and installation.

  • Synched props and animations.

  • Interiors are furnished shells spawned meters below house entry door and removed when no needed to save memory.

  • Small chance to trigger silent alarm on lockpick use and alert cops.

  • Police can raid houses with command (or you can place the event on your radial menu).

  • Currently 2 shells available, 1 extra shell will be available in the next days.

  • Small chance of spawning a safe with special rewards.

  • Player cooldown to prevent the same person farms the robbery all day and night.

  • Discord logs if someone tries to trigger the reward event with a LUA injector.

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Can 2 people rob same house together?

Not as a team

Good work!

Is there a way to make it so police can raid without having to reset there job using /setjob as this is an issue im having with this script.

Have a question about this. How can you make a interior like that ? im just wanna to make a custom shell with interior like that

I don’t have any purchase under the name of M1SBAH, send a DM with your Tebex Transaction ID in order to receive any support. Thanks

is open source?

Is this script still being supported?

Yep (5 char)

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