[OUTDATED/BROKEN] San Andreas Super Sport Series ( mpassault ) Vehicles in FiveM!

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MP_ASSAULT Content now in FiveM, even before GTA V itself has got it!

vehicle previews with names available here:

Have Fun


Awesome thankyou. Putting it on my server now.

Edit: Live on my server and working perfectly! Thanks for taking the time to make the vehicles_names.lua

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no problem, with a few magic tricks you can convert the whole file in a minute or two :stuck_out_tongue:

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Gotta love regular expressions.

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Absolutely BASED Blu doing it again.


Helpful hint, Don’t disabled the extras for the sea sparrow. You are just a lump of metal that can’t move xD


Lol that is what happens when you take off the things that make you fly :joy:

Is is complete or is stuff missing?

nothing is missing as far as i can tell.

Great, thanks for your work :slight_smile:

Does the truck come with a mini gun by default that truck looks sexy

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For some reason this is giving me a memory error. Is it possible that I finally reached the limit of things I can stream from my server?

Not sure if anyone else has had this problem or if its just me but multiple people on my server have said audio isn’t working for any model.

Works 100% fine on my server, did you remove the listings of the audio from the resource.lua by chance?

no I’ve left everything as is haven’t edited anything.

did you upload the audio folder? :wink:

No didn’t know I had to do that lol. Also don’t know where it goes.

Leave the file structure in tact. so just drop the entire folder in your resources. So inside the addon should be;


and these folders;


Ok I found the problem was from renaming the folder.

Version 2

Fixed the Caracara Minigun/Turret not working correctly.
Added the updated tornado6 from patchday18, not sure what changed though.

that’s it! download the updated version from the link in the main post!