[MLO] [MAP] Mrpd - Mission Row Police Department

Hello can the texture can be change in this one?or only the 3d text only?

I agree with this, it’s the only thing putting me off purchasing it.

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pano po makapasok sa server niyo

pa help naman di talga makapasok sa server gustong gusto ko mag laro sa maynila hays :frowning:

strong text


how to join maynila rp

Id buy it if it was purchasable. I dont rent software.

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You can buy it from https://artex.tebex.io/

Hey how can I edit the 3d Texts if they are encrypted?

was the textures (or lack of) here updated?


Earlier its was fixed and added decal textures

You can check this in our showcase server

checking it out now!

Nice MLO, but customer service is pretty bad.

I asked for information about other people reporting conflicts with this MLO and if they could point me toward which MLO those customers had a problem with. Instead of just telling me they didn’t know/the other customer didn’t tell them about the conflict, they immediately got defensive and combative for no reason.

Gabz-PDM conflicts with this, so if you see low-poly-radiators in the room, you’ll need to resolve conflicts between the MLOs.

The file that conflict with gabz PDM is: hei_dt1_rd1.ymap

Thanks for the comment! As far as I can see, we have told you what the problem could be and how to solve it. Given that many customers have different mlos, we can’t say for sure, so we provide general information. Considering what you have, as you said, 100 mlo.

It’s a shame that given that we told you how to solve it, you wrote that we didn’t help you (

Good luck in creating your project!

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I already knew “how to solve it.” I messaged you asking for specific information on what the conflict could be given that other people in your Discord experienced the same issue.

Instead, you just dumped a generic “Cool, turn off all MLOs and replace them one by one” response; then you told me to ask the customers who had the issue myself what the conflict was.

You went out of your way to be disagreeable and actually wasted both our times when a simple “We don’t know the specific MLO that conflicts, the customer never told us” would suffice, but instead I got this lame response.

The real shame is that you think it’s normal to behave like this.

Mapping looks cool, bought it. Meets my needs.