[iCore] Infinity Core: Lightweight powerful FiveM framework

The Lightweight Powerful FiveM RolePlay framework with many helpful features, but still minimal load. Benchmark core now is just 0.05ms in normal playing frame. Before playing FiveM, i’m a system administrator too, mean i take care so much about the system performance. How you can grow when the core is the hole?

So, what are features included?


  • Character creator and cutscene intro.
  • Save current position and data when disconnect and re connect.
  • Basic needed status: foods, water, health, ammor, strong, oxygen.


  • Save current position, status: fuel, body health, engine health, tank health, doors, windows, tyres
  • All custom options: plate, colors, mod available
  • Trunk options.


  • Server-side weapons data.
  • Damage configs able, ammo (bullet type per weapon, have 9mm, 5.56, 7.62, 12gauge, 300 for sniper).
  • Server-side ammo counting.

Media: (Required webserver setup services)

  • Allow create and playing youtube music, movie in game for boombox, cinema, tv…
  • 3D volume, unlimited media zones created.
  • Dynamic zone function like car hifi sound system.

The Core and support:

  • Base events ready: player connecting, dying, ready, spawn, entering vehicle, exit, vehicle spawn…
  • Keypress detected events
  • Rich functions per object: player, vehicle, …
  • UI ready: loading screen, player status, pedometer, coundown, notify, death screen…
  • Time and weather sync ready.
  • 24/7 support for customers via Discord, Email.
  • Daily update for more options.
  • Documents will be available soon.
  • Many resource in bundle (written) will be convert to new iCore version ASAP.

Video preview functions:


More resources ready for iCore, but not built-in: iInventory, iSlots, iBlackjack, iThreeCardPoker, iDumpsters, iBoxing, iBanking, iCrafting, iGarbage…(more than 50 resource will be convert to new version)


  • 2022.05.14: Add loading screen with intro videos background.
Code is accessible No , Configurable
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) Can’t count
Requirements oxmysql
Support Yes
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just bought to peek at the code. seems very barebones atm but its only $1.13 so eh the core is the only thing you get im assuming the other scripts will be paid additions

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FIVEM: Boombox, Cinema, Car Hifi Sound All in One media system, iMedia - YouTube Many preview you can see. This is the core script, then i’ll release everything later

iMedia = 10$ but the complete Framework $1?

This is only core framework resources, mean you must have to use if i don;t have time to convert some my resource to standalone version. And in this core resource, you see everything optimized, built-in will be better then i’ll make standalone.

Set to pay as you want and update some resources.

Everyone here is free to decide whether he wants to pay X amount for the programmer’s work or not.

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i just wondering why the standalone resource is more expensive than the framework which includes the standalone script. :smiley:

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Framework maybe $1 but how you gonna make a character without iPlayer? Or have an inventory without Iinventory

the iFW have functions to store player data and some help functions. Everything will be extended from it.

Updated version, many built-in for iCore ready

Now preview available

Add loading screen with configurable the video and time loading to ui.
Loading screen have intro and video background for cinematic game trailer.