[PAID] Boombox, Cinema, Car Hifi Sound

Dear all FiveM Community Members,
I received many request about build standalone version for iMedia system, now this task is done.

More example: Cinema, Boombox, Car Hifi Media

iMedia system features:

  • Standalone, working on all framework
  • Fully API events for integration everywhere
  • No youtube restricted
  • Server-Side music sync for all player
  • Unlimited media zones can be created by API Events, can be static zone or attach to every objects, vehicle…

BUY It on Tebex: https://viet-gaming-network.tebex.io/package/4897261

This version is Standalone, have good quality about performance, benchmark score is 0.02 - 0.04ms

HOW TO CREATE MEDIA ZONE: iMedia provider some method to create media zone.

  • Put zone data in shared file, the zone auto created when server started.
  • Runtime create media zone by trigger event with data

If don’t want to use my resource, you can using pmms, or Interact Sound, or hypnonema …but iMedia is all in one


Not entirely sure I get this, does this include the way to show videos on the screen or is it just a sound system and the videos on screen are a separate script?

All in one, this resource give you easy wayt to create a media zone, it can be sound (boombox, car hifi) or video zone (attach video to an screen object like TV, cinema screen).

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Ohhh nice! This is what I have been looking for then! I’ll get this one probably tomorrow to start testing it out. Thank you!

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why 10 bucks a month?

Do you have any plans to release a non-subscription version that costs more?

Because we must using a media server to get youtube playback, not embed for stream it ingame. Restricted bypass, can play every videos.

I’m not sure, let’s me think about it, as i said, i using a server for get video playback, not embed.

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how do you get it to play on TVs

i mean like dhow do you set up TV zones

Thank for interesting, you must have object id. and object model like example in command ‘createcinema’.
take me the coords then i will give you the script to create tv zone. Cane be pre-create when server start or runtime create ingame…

Don’t pay monthly for something that is FREE…… GitHub - kibook/pmms: Synchronized media player for FiveM and RedM

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ohh veryy god

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Smart customer will know what they’re paying, as i said, no restricted, tell me somewhere have this function.
Best regards.

we can stream radios and none https sites, sorry but $10 a month is not worth that one feature.

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hoe much you’re paying for streaming services? i want to ask not about my packages, just want to know. Beat regards.
ps: sky is the limited.

Pick pmms to my post, refer members more choice.

Your not a screaming service, you dont provide any content, only a way to play someone elses content.

that my way, ty.