[iCore] iBlackjack: playing blackjack in-game with others

Playing blackjack game in FiveM with your friends or other players in your world, using casino chips items and easy configs, add more tables…this resource written for iCore.


  • Configurable, don’t limit tables or players.
  • Min, max bet per tables.
  • Occupied chair detected.
  • Using casino chips for betting.
  • Using key press functions, feel free when enjoy the game.
  • Have notification, countdown alert per action.
  • Player can stand, hit, double bet for playing round. (Insurance bet for dealer blackjack will be added soon).
  • Optimized, benchmark coreis: 0.00ms when idle, 0.02-0.03ms when dealer playing animations.


Code is accessible No , Configurable
Subscription-based Yes/No
Lines (approximately) 1100
Requirements iCore
Support Yes

Whats different from this and the iquivar or whatever guys blackjack? Just trying to see what makes this better than the one thats been out for like 2 years. :slight_smile:

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i see the one [Release] Diamond Casino Blackjack

Limited 16 players Unlimited
No Double bet Yes

iBlackjack have the best optimized, another server logic, control all tables with 300 lines.
Thank for your interesting.

This one. Plus tours is 40euro? This one is open sourced

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Never saw before. Thank you, may i’ll stop selling it.

Did you have benchmark score of KGV BJ?

Not off the top of my head, I’m remodeling my casino system right now in my city.

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Now i’m writing full casino bundle, have blackjack, threecard, slots, roulette is done.
I have no idea for lucky wheel but may must have it. the inside track.