iPlayer: Character creator ,cutscene intro and many player function

First, i want to say this is open-source, but remember make for my framework, called iFW: Infinity Framework

Players functions:

  • Create with character creator
  • Signup information form
  • Players status and needed (foods, water, oxy, strong, health, ammor)
  • No bunny
  • Out of breath
  • Wanted level
  • Dying system
  • Time and weather
    … so many functions include

This functions is built-in iCore for now. Check demo new version here.

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Interface is too bored


i don’t have more idea for interface. Built with bootstrap and jquery, if you have an idea or mockup, tell me i’ll did it better. Anyway, TY so much.

Hey there, I just bought this. Any idea how to implement this into qb-core based server with multi char.

This resource is for iCore, but you can change to any FW so easy, store the character data to SQL then set it when player login. Give me some time to convert to QB or ESX.


Would be great, awsome work!

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Hey there, any eta on qb-version ? :smiley:

Not yet, bro!