An update on FiveM and "The Contract" DLC

Another entry in the usual chain of announcements about GTA DLCs, here’s a similarly-styled post for “The Contract” DLC releasing for GTA Online on December 15.

Current status

We’ve got more builds than ever, with 1604, 2060, 2189 and 2372 all supported on FiveM, and build 2372 (“Los Santos Tuners”) being the first build where support was implemented by new development team members, we managed to add support for this build on the main Git branch around four days after the update released, with more functionality supported and less bugs than any initial commit for a new GTA V build than ever before.

Plans for the new release

  • Again, existing releases will continue to work with all four supported builds once the new update hits.
  • Like last time, we will prepare a production push when it’s released with two changes:
    • Delta patches so that people can downgrade on launch from their existing game install.
    • Blocking new DLC assets for ‘non-development’ servers. Last time we found out lots of people wanted to use the new content on older game builds for their own personal experiments, so we’ll only block it on servers with more than 8 max players this time around, so you can toy around with the new content along with a few friends on day one*.
  • We’ll again release initial support within 1-2 weeks of the release on the canary channel, behind another sv_enforceGamebuild option. Hopefully Rockstar won’t have made some evil changes this time.
  • As with 2060, 2189 and 2372 before, we’ll probably port basic debug information again, hopefully early enough. Similarly, like with 2372 now, the new build will probably be a ‘default’ launch build for clients to run once we know initialization is stable.

*) depending on resource release availability

Future plans for the platform

Since the 9th generation update for GTA V is delayed, we can’t say much about PC availability at all at this time. Rockstar has had a difficult time lately, and it is impossible to predict anything they are or will be doing, even more so than ever before.

Some of the hurdles for mobile support have been finally overcome as of late, and in 2022 we’re hopefully going to ship a lot of fun plans, such as Android, Linux and macOS ports of FiveM (and RedM?), a still-maybe Xbox dev unlock version (or more? :thinking:), and a lot of improved content creation tools and flows to smooth out a lot of rough edges that have become more and more apparent as of late.

@frenzy-renegade will post another update later this month on some of these community plans, independently of the game/platform plans stated in this post so far.

Even if you may not think it as being the case, we’re definitely at least trying to listen to y’all.

Have a nice month!



Always love these little updates and insight into the plans ahead! <3


Keep up the great work to everyone on the team.


Definitely looking forward to what the future holds.

Good job, team.


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A quick update:

  • The update for delta package awareness is released.
  • Rockstar made a number of weird new changes, but the base game is working for the time being.
  • We’re awaiting the usual native mapping table to be provided, and a port of the ros.dll patch set for 2545.

This should happen timely enough.


Another update:

  • More patches have been ported, but we’re still waiting for a ros.dll patch. This is proving a little more difficult than expected due to changes made by R* in this release.

Hopefully, we can get initial support out sometime in the next week.


The ros.dll patch set has been ported and we should be able to have an update out shortly.


The update is out on canary channel and the latest server builds as of earlier today.