Monthly Update - February 2022 edition

Hi! We hope everyone had a good start for 2022 in January.

As promised in our New Year announcement, we’re bringing back periodic updates posts!
Let’s take a closer look together at what happened this past month.

New concurrent players record

267,829 concurrent players were reached on Sunday, January 30 18:30 UTC across 27,198 servers :tada:
We are forever grateful for your continuous support! :heart: We all hope the number only continues to grow!

OneSync player limit raised to 2048 slots

We enabled player virtualization within OneSync 2 years ago, allowing servers to have more than 128 players, which was the current limit at the time.
As more and more servers nowadays were approaching 1024 concurrent players quite reliably (that’s awesome!) and given all the optimization work we’ve made since 2019, we decided to raise the 1024 slots limit to 2048.
Any new and existing Element Club Platinum Patron is eligible and can raise their sv_maxClients convar to 2048 in their server configuration. Can you fit everyone in Paleto Bay?

The current record is 1410 players on a single server using a virtualized 5800X. We will do more networking optimization work in the following months to help servers handle this kind of load.

Progress on in-game UI improvements

There has been a steady flow of progress on the upcoming UI improvements. With improved code built using React, we’re seeing a significant performance increase already! Of course, it wouldn’t be a real improvement without plenty of various stylistic updates too. Sneak peek soon? :eyes:

Improved asset management

We’ve recently introduced our asset system, but we have to admit: It is far from perfect. Hence, we’ve done major improvements to many features, such as the asset transfers!

  • As the owner of an asset you can now view who has permission to your content.
  • Transferring assets now requires confirmation from both parties. The asset receiver can now accept or deny transfers, and the sender can cancel the transfer at any point.

February plans

Aside from our focus on the cfx-ui improvements, we plan some less-major but just-as-important updates for February:

Infrastructure improvements

We will be implementing some changes to reduce the amount of DDoS attacks. We can’t stop people from attacking, but we can certainly defend! Furthermore, we will start working on bigger infrastructure changes internally, so our own reliability and uptime will be greatly improved (that means less outages)! Oh, and we’ll do our best to reduce the amount of ‘jokes’ slipping out too. We promise.

Dedicated writer for documentation

Our documentation has a lot of useful info about FiveM’s features, but there are lots of things missing too. Fear not! Not long from now, you will be seeing a lot of updates on our documentation thanks to our new dedicated writer!

Moving internal Jira work items to GitHub

We will be moving a good number of items from our internal Jira board to the publicly accessible GitHub issues. Our goal moving forward is to have as much transparency with our community as possible. Yay transparency for all! :tada:

Start of Snaily rework

Our beloved Snaily bot on discord has been doing great, but we have plans not only to rework a lot of it, but making it open source too! Snaily’s secrets will be revealed, noooo!

The next ‘Grand Theft Auto’

We’re certain this is a burning question for all of you: Will there be a SixM? The answer is a little complicated for many reasons. However, assuming there will be a PC port, we cannot predict what the game is like, or how complex the systems are before we make any decisions. Only time will tell!

Miscellaneous changes and bug fixes

  • txAdmin was updated to v4.12.1
  • FPS counter is now more accurate
  • Fixed compatibility issues with Intel 12th gen CPUs
  • Various reliability improvements in the latest client update

f965c92c7 tweak(debug/net): update net_showCommands lookup list
5ee51a7e3 fix(debug/net): net_showCommands 'corrupt' strings
decfd459e update txAdmin submodule to v4.12.1
338cabd7a fix(loading-screens/five): invoke end-of-frame update function
b9fe8a26e fix(utils): ignore stray .app directory
607c01b43 tweak(conhost): FPS counter rework
6ee6a2daa tweak(net/five): support clipset no-op for 2060+
c7a793b1b fix(net): don't open Steam child on exit
9686e2932 fix(formats): correct sorting for pgDictionary Add
c17358149 tweak(data/five): increase streaming thread priority
812837f96 tweak(client/launcher): minidump improvements
dae83f643 fix(client): correct 6d9e5e6520fe38e6bea4ddebaf599c8703bde42a to not add 1604/1311
6d9e5e652 fix(client): make game builds show in game process name again
0cff2af0c tweak(voip/mumble): null audio client
1cb132986 tweak(voip/mumble): lock scopes
70bc91791 tweak(voip/mumble): voice scoping
854358b35 tweak(ros): bump safeguard launch timer
19a0e71ae fix(ros): more 'stuck' race condition fixes
31622fa5a tweak(client): show Windows error codes with descriptions
ca44b39c3 fix(ros): patch steam_api64.dll from correct path
b6d97807f tweak(ros): small reliability tweak
4445518b3 tweak(ros): TitlePlayTime order is ~unreliable, another try
57eeb3836 tweak(ros): more launch order race conditions
59a379e22 fix(client/launcher): build switch reliability tweaks
b28a51e72 fix(ros): rosdll update
cc7ea6bf9 tweak(ros): attempt to delay verifying if not notUpdating
6c871e7da fix(client/launcher): state order for initCommandLine
20e6568c7 fix(client/launcher): SavedBuildNumber after build CLI rework
398c1c277 fix(build): correct release/linux build errors
d2311cceb tweak(client): some build switch resilience
b2799e119 tweak(client): initial launch build in state + remove from some exe names
5ee6e17b0 fix(client/launcher): .formaldev detection for 'wrong' CWDs
03aa5a71a tweak(client/launcher): error out when CoreRT.dll can't be loaded
898a7179f fix(glue): 'unknown error' instead of 'missing files' during build switch
f92740c7c fix(conhost): game hang when dragging window with external imgui windows
39f2431b0 fix(nui): correct for premultiplied alpha in DUI blit
21936fa74 fix(build/linux): ensure we build for v8 9.3
46ac67e73 fix(ros): new dir name for smoother migration
e1ad2849b fix(ros/launcher): no _game dir per build
60dd2ed14 fix(core/filemapping): handle redirected same-volume rename targets
e07e66878 fix(ros): readd requirement for verify
fc6db055e tweak(ros): rename documents/data/game dirs one more time
e1ce7e2a0 tweak(five): error out cleanly for the errorcodes.txt failure condition
ee44eaf6c fix(client/launcher): no elevation check on Wine
61003eaa1 fix(client): numerical accuracy
e4b7373c3 fix(ros): whoever said 'it broke until i removed this nested directory'
42ad4493a fix(ros): back-off on 'failed to launch' as well
de2f238ab fix(ros): extra backoff for post-launcher-breakage data/
31111302e fix(ros): backout update patch series
5a814085f fix(ros): launch order edge case
a9c3ec714 fix(ros): maybe rename
c4fe0ca6e fix(ros): unneeded suspending (2)
804f081b0 fix(ros): unneeded suspense
761b8cc44 tweak(ros): update MTL to
0e6f3f18a rebuild (to update 'latest' artifact which didn't deploy - AGAIN)
9448f1bdd tweak(formats/x): support multi-model rmcLod
a24c8481f fix(formats/five): unbreak e04de41a49b4b32b2a2afb0d410b63209b4d2452
1f88d3e27 tweak(console): directly print error logs using AsyncTrace
736a48cc4 internal(shared): move CoreConsole.h include out of LaunchMode.h
85d15fa28 tweak(console): store command arity for GET_REGISTERED_COMMANDS
035e32ae0 fix(net/five): quickly back out event change
62a92932a fix(net/five): only clear events if there is an event mgr
f186f705a fix(natives/kvp): Example should use SetResourceKvpFloat
42a61456e tweak(formats): 'five->rdr3 potential exaggerated reflection fix'
e9e13890b rebuild (to update 'latest' artifact which didn't deploy)
2d3e6cb2b tweak(net/five): netGameEvent placed in the netEventMgr queue
69ab26dc7 tweak(natives/five): fix SET_MILLISECONDS_PER_GAME_MINUTE behavior on 2189+
0f19a6d15 feat(discord): support auth for rdr3
bc2ca12fb fix(scripting/core): safer nested removal of bookmarks
693c44d14 fix(vendor): compile tbb with win7 compatibility flag
7b9680cf3 tweak(ext/cfx-ui): prefer 'private' warning over 'eol/eos' warning
68f902210 tweak(data/five): add some missing entries to pausemenu.xml
58394d3ef fix(net/mumble): potential reconnection crash introduced in #668
1431c9506 fix(conhost/v2): '0% CPU' for some users in drawperf
1ef915727 tweak(nui/core): don't have hardware media keys
2dc0c4426 fix(scripting/core): correct message lifetime for etw tick scope
17698d403 feat(resources/client): support size packing for >16 MB RSCs in RCDv2 for Five
8bff1e187 internal(build): check for symlink setup during premake
a46f5e0c3 internal(tools/fxd): get-chrome making build/ dir if needed
25b63d5f7 internal(streaming/five): don't poison with msgpack-c dependency
2ed00590a tweak(gta/net): display a warning if 'netobjviewer_syncLog' is enabled
9eba8dcc9 fix(scripting/lua): correctly set names for CreateThreadNow
6c5695d1d tweak(net): helper text for 'infinity' slot counts on 'aurum' subscriptions
53928303b fix(build/vendor): add morely differently build flags for tbb on linux
71fb919f6 fix(build/vendor): add different build flags for tbb on linux
30d02bdf0 fix(build/vendor): add more build flags for tbb on linux
72a48966d fix(build/vendor): add build flags for tbb on linux
4c7943b6f vendor: update tbb submodule
4f7b9aaed tweak(client/launcher): move initial default to 2545 + 1436
e463f755d fix(ros/patches): potential race between releaseState=available and Verify
5d4549778 fix(conhost): use the game's D3D11 device, if any
3a41455f8 fix(resources/client): handle default-constructed fetch tasks
1598fd4d0 feat(rdr3): upgrade to 1436.28
4ad441e87 tweak(game/five): add b2545 function boundaries
a1dbf8ba9 fix(core/filemapping): support scoped NV_DXCache rename
0d8db3308 fix(client/launcher): support new NvNode connection storage
c0229b25f fix(net/five): potential crash during game restart hook
d82b72dd4 vendor: update concurrentqueue submodule
717385c56 feat(client): support 'beta' channel in game logic
9db5421fc feat(build): add 'beta' channel manual-push target
b21e3edfd fix(core/five): support old attachment scenarios on b2545
34ffeeeb1 tweak(voip-server/mumble): dynamically configure max mumble clients
549a279e0 fix(voip-server/mumble): apply umurmur/[email protected]
39f6e1652 feat(game/five): don't halt player vehicles if Alt-F4 warning screen is shown


Good work, glad to see we’re able to update access for resources.


great work guys

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Great work! Can’t wait to see all the stuff you guys are working on <3

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Excited for the new changes, especially the new UI and documentation improvements.


Keep up the great work as always. Clearly its paying off for continuously getting higher and higher concurrent players.

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Any updates on Rockstar Editor being fixed?


Good job, congrats to see you have had more players recently.

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This is great! I always find myself wondering when I’ll get the next news byte from the FiveM team.


Which exact issue are you running into? Crashes with custom assets are on our roadmap, other than that everything should work as intended.


once again RedM not even mentioned but wait FiveM now can have 2048 players at once.


Wooo :partying_face: Keep at it CFX Team!

patiently waits for Snaily’s secret sauce


Great, now what about RedM?

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once again RedM not even mentioned

Great, now what about RedM?

No worries, cowboys. Researching of the most common RedM issues related to OneSync took a bit longer than expected. I think we will be able to implement multiple fixes for the most common problems this month.
In parallel I’ve been working on something that could help with Red Dead Redemption 2 modding in the future. No predictions about this topic for now.


Awesome guys!! Thank you!!! :cherry_blossom:

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Nice post, Nice team, and Nice community !


Appreciate the continued work! However, it would appear many people are having issues with launching FiveM following this recent update. Is it possible this update is rolled back?


It would make more sense to report the issue you’re having. We’re seeing no increased error rates, so there is no reason for us to roll back anything. We’d rather try to understand your issue, and fix it instead.


god bless u

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Thanks for the update. Not used to regular updates, but I dig it! Keep up the good work.