Goonsquad's Fueling System [STANDALONE] | Advanced & Realistic fueling script

Hello and welcome to the release of Goonsquad Fueling system. Please watch the preview video as it showcases what the resource does.

Youtube - Preview Video
Purchase it here (TEBEX)

Config file

Features of the resource are:-

  • Unencrypted Resource. No obfuscation is used.
  • Synced Nozzle and Hose across clients.
  • Synced Vehicle Fuel across clients.
  • Realistic Vehicle dying when low on fuel.
  • Realistic Vehicle fueling system.
  • Super optimized while using 3D Text draws.
  • Easily adaptable from LegacyFuel. Same exports!
  • Free updates and bug fixes!
  • 0.01 to 0.09 ms under load!

Added JerryCan support!

What’s planned for the future?
Support for re-fueling aircrafts and boats.

Goonsquad Zombies
Goonsquad Characters - Multichar upto 7 characters
Goonsquad Arenas - Matchmaking PvP
Goonsquad Leveling System - Rewards players through their play-time!


so this would work as a legacyfuel replacement?

Yes that is the plan, next update releases in a few days that should cover jerrycans.


Will be saved also after the restart of the server or after you park it?

No, but that completely went above my head, Thanks for the suggestion should be coming with the next update.

EDIT: The script’s export are the same as LegacyFuel, GetFuel and SetFuel. So in theory the saving fuel system would need to go in your garage script, Use the exports. @strianodev

So do i need to configure all the gas stations? only the one you shown in the video is working

Most gas stations are in the resource if you’re using custom models or if there’s something missing you can add them in the Config file. Under Config.PumpModels followed by their model hash key.

They are all stock as far as i know but theres only one working

ehm, i have a big problem
Photo problem

Thanks for reporting this, an update will be pushed in a few hours fixing this issue, Also you need to add the models in the Config file in order for it to detect the pump @Nathan_Mckee , Only the one in sandy shores doesn’t seem to work because it’s not added in the config.

Version 1.1 of the Goonsquad’s Fueling System has been released.

Jerry Can support for re-fueling vehicles.
Bug fixes for the problem that @strianodev pointed out (Thanks), Synced entities are now stored server sided and if the vendor disconnects from the server the entities are deleted as well.

Please reach out to us to receive the newest version if you’ve purchased it, or re-download it from tebex.

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I looked through all the coding and cant find a fuel hud built in unless I missed it, so my question is what car hud works with this to show your fuel level?

Any car hud will work with this automatically, if it doesnt you’ll need to change the native to our export which is exports[“gs_fuel”]:GetFuel(vehicle)