[FREE] [ESX/QB] Spike Strips

Spike Strips


:video_camera: Vidéo link


  • Sync with all player
  • Animation when launch and grab spike
  • Job restriction for grab
  • Only burst the tire that hit the spikestrip and automatically removes the spikestrip
  • Spikestrip can be broke when you remove it (Configurable)

Get it

Github : GitHub - Derass239/axio_spikes: Spikes script for FiveM
Support me on tebex : https://derass.tebex.io/package/5551048

Code is accessible Yes
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 250
Requirements oneSync / ox_lib / ox_target
Support Yes

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:blue_car: Car Dealer
:dollar: Money wash
:pill: Sell Drugs to PNJ

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Sounds nice, a preview can be good :blush:.

I just added it :wink:

Version 1.1.0
Added the ability to disable spike suppression after a tire burst

Config.removeSpikeAfterBurst = true -- Remove spike after burst tire

Nice, thank you for the preview mate.

I cant put it on the road , there have no error

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can u make a usable medkit and repairkit for players? that the can use it with any job?

would be nice :slightly_smiling_face: