[Standalone] Switch map and minimap style

This little script allows you to switch the map you are displaying.
Here with and without postal code


Credit to postal map
And normal map

And thanks to @Jajar for making me discover this native

:warning: Experimental natives, please do not use in a live environment :warning:

Personally I had the impression of having some little freeze

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Maybe toggle whole map from normal and If /postals you get füll postals map?

It’s already working like this :wink:

i mean normal players see normal GTA Map (standart not colored) and if /postals is made then they see the Postal Map

Ok, i see what you want

I think you can try to delete normal_maps folder or replace file inside with the basic texture dict

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Thank you for making this resource. This actually helped my friend a lot. :slightly_smiling_face:

I knew that this was possible but didn’t know how to make it.

where can i find the the basic texture dict?

If you have CodeWalker (rpf explorer) or OpenIV


then minimap files?
and replace it in normal_maps in stream?

if i replace the files it looks like this:

cache clean?

of client or server?


did not work either

m ok you usethis map`?


I looked quickly, the original minimap files have a resolution of 512x512, that’s why it’s blurry
I think it does not use minimap.ydt but rather gfx or another file for hd map…

you have the better ones by any chance?

does this work per player? or for server as a whole