[FREE] Blips Manager / Advanced Blips

Blips Manager

Allows player to show or hide blips based on their categories

Advanced Blips

Create basic or advanced blips

Download for free :

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Hey, this looks like a really great script! But just to let you know the github repo is hidden right now.

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Oups, it’s good now

Fire script!!!

This is good util tool, thanks for the release.!

works for latest legacy version ?

because I don’t use ox_lib but I totally celebrate this script

Nice release, good work

Of cours, i use ox_lib for the menu, but you can change for another in menu.lua

ox_lib also used for locale and notification system (L.300 β†’ 312)

Getting this error when I attempt to open the menu

i got it, have to have at least one active blip

Exactly. I’m gonna look for fix that when no blips is active

Adding exports to update the blip info would be cool :sunglasses:

Not sure why you opted to include the entirety of [Release | Utility] Blip Information Display in the resource, rather than having it as a depencency and utilizing the exports it provides.
This comes with some issues, like incompatibility with anything that uses [Release | Utility] Blip Information Display (due to how the natives work), and the fact that people cannot update the blip information unless you add another layer of exports on-top

hey i’m a potato. Where and how do I have to insert the export?

Amazing. It could be good to add the function to open/close business so it appears in the information of the blip if the business is open or not

Can ox_lib also be used alongside ? Or do you have to take it out and replace it with something else?

Looks dope! Good job!

Did you ever figure this out?