[FREE] [STANDALONE] Alphabet and number in "fireworks"


I don’t know how to present it to you, so here’s a preview


My goal with this script was to display a text using particles, at the end of a fireworks display on New Year’s Eve for example.




Available character


Max character display at same time

In my tests, I was able to display up to 6 without problem, with more certain particles missing

I’m certainly not using the best particle for this, but I was too lazy to look for something better.

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good work! how about playing with colors?

nice release

Awsome! looks like drone air show :smile:

would this server sync to all players?

This is really cool, should it just work like drag and drop and the /showfireworkstext ?

Thanks, You can choose a color for every text
With a little modification you can randomise every particle color

No, this is only client script with main code for basic usage

didnt you upload the wrong manifest?

Ah yes, well seen, I didn’t put the correct one…
Thanks for the alert

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