[ESX/QBCORE][RELEASE] Illegal Orders / Synchronization

Idle - 0.01ms

While working - 0.03ms

(i5 8600k, RTX 2080S, 16GB RAM)


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  • Optimized script
  • Open code
  • No IP-Lock
  • Synchronization of peds, objects


  • Payout - Possible change of remuneration for each order
  • Locations - Possible change of all locations
  • Update - Possibility to add more locations and missions
  • Change - Ability to change peds, vehicles in orders



:exclamation: The script needs to be enabled on the server OneSync Legacy/Infinity.


:truck: Advanced Courier Job
:house_with_garden: Advanced Gardener Job
:bus: Advanced Bus Driver
:package: Advanced Warehouse Job
:tractor: Advanced Farmer Job
:tangerine: Advanced Fruit Picker Job

  1. Do any of these notify police in any way? Or do we need to set up our own notifications.

  2. Can you set a cool down between jobs in config?

  3. When stealing drugs, do you plan to add a config option to actually take drug items from the npc? (Random chance between all items listed in config)

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  1. At the moment I left this option, but I can guarantee an update for days that will make it available to people who are not able to add it

  2. No, but an interesting idea, possibly in an update

  3. I skipped this option because everyone has different drugs on the server and it could interfere

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For the drugs, have a list in config

Drugs = {
“Drug1” min= 1 max=5,
“drug2” min=1 max =2,
Etc. }

Then it goes through the list and randomly picks one then randomly selects between min and max of that drug? People add their own to the list, as many as they want. That’s the idea in my head anyways, lol

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script is great!

I agree with Mr.Bluffz that a police notification (or even a fire notification for the arson one) would be awesome.)

If you make that update, please consider allowing multiple jobs to get the notification. For example, our server has more then just “police” as a leo job… we have sheriffs and highway patrol…

A couple of my own comments to add to the above:

  1. a way to make it give dirty money instead of clean would be great
  2. a way to set this to only work for a certain job


Seriously tho, you should maybe test your scripts with infinity. Vehicles won’t spawn when infinity is on. Or I would say distant vehicles won’t spawn. This is your second script that won’t work with infinity.

Excuse my handwriting

Just write to us privately and we send a working script to infinity;)

do I always have to fill my whole resume to contact you? Last time I tried, it was 100 questions and finally donated your script to NASA. One report went through, you asked for my edited version of script. Instead of fixing, you guys ask for edited scripts like the issue is in our code when you got 10 of same reports with your own scripts.

What is the procedure for asking fixed version of script which I paid for? Btw shouldn’t everyone get the fixed version or you want for their resume before they can get working script? Lol. Discords should be removed for paid releases and shit should be dealt on the forum and publicly. Everyone should see wt* they are paying money for.

not everyone wants to correct the amendment because it looks different for me about the claim so much is enough

Hello, I was just wondering if you have already put the update for the notification to the police ?


Hey, “Kingraasclart” is generally very insulting to everyone. Ignore his comment he is just a kid.
Best regards :slight_smile:

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Thanks, for the information

UPDATE FOR Illegal Orders

+ Peds/Objects synchronization has been introduced:
• Orders have been split, from now on each order is assigned to a specific player. When all orders are taken by other players, the next people starting work will receive information about waiting for new orders.
• All peds have received synchronization (everyone can see them), and their animations are visible to everyone.
• A system for removing peds, vehicles has been added, and orders executed when a given player leaves the server.

+ Added the ability to enable/disable the requirement to have a job “from the database” to start work.

✎ The notifications in the standard code have been changed to ‘mythic_notify’ because standard pNotify is no longer functioning properly and is not receiving file updates.

✎ The QBCore version of Illegal Orders has been fixed and adapted to the latest release.