[ESX/NON ESX] Ultimate modular NPC AI Backup - BackupPro

BackupPro - The first modular AI Backup Resource

BackupPro is a gorgeous resource for any police or roleplay server, providing extremely exciting and thrilling chase scenes, but also more realistic emergency service gameplay with coroner and ambulance. And the best part is that BackupPro is completely modular and can be extended with official and also third party plugins.

To improve integration into existing roleplay systems, BackupPro is also fully ESX compatible, but can also be used standalone and access restricted with permissions.

We at Codineer Digital, the developers of BackupPro, want to provide you with this resource the best possible quality and usability and are of course always available for questions and problems.

Information to official & third party Plugins

BackupPro will constantly and especially within the upcoming days get official plugins, these are available on our Tebex in the category Backup Plugins. But also the community can create plugins and we would be very happy if you let us know if you created a plugin so we can feature it here.

Download & Payment

Because we spent months of hard work to make BackupPro the best possible final product, BackupPro is a paid resource that is available in our Tebex Store for 9.95€ according to FiveM rules.


Using BackupPro is very easy and intuitive. Simply press the hotkey configured in the Config and the extremely clearly designed menu opens, in which you can request the backup of your choice with the touch of a button.


  • Plugin support - BackupPro can be easily extended with official and also third-party plugins
  • ESX compatability - BackupPro is fully compatible with ESX and ESX mode can be activated in just a few seconds
  • AI Backup - BackupPro’s intelligent AI backup is always available to your server’s law enforcement officers, providing extremely realistic and immersive gameplay
  • Configurable - BackupPro comes out of the box with a config file containing all the important settings to easily integrate with your server
  • Standalone - Your server does not have ESX installed? No problem! BackupPro can also be used without ESX without even losing a single functionality
  • Easy to use Menu - BackupPro’s intuitive menu allows you to request backup at any time and anywhere with almost no effort
  • Permissions - You want to restrict the access to BackupPro? Simply activate permissions in the Config
  • Pursuits - BackupPro allows you to experience exciting chases with almost unlimited number of units
  • Categories - With BackupPro you have the possibility to create your own categories for backup units

Package Content

  • BackupPro base files
  • Default Backup Plugin (Code 1, Code 2, Code 3, EMS and Coroner)
  • Installation manual
  • PluginAPI documentation


BackupPro comes out of the box with a config containing ESX compatibility settings, permissions and the hotkey, as well as the position of the backup menu and the AutoDuty function. In addition, each plugin can have its own configuration file and the default one allows you to change your backups car and ped model.

Framework Integration

Out of the box, BackupPro comes with framework integration for ESX and the ability to integrate it using permissions. For all other frameworks there is an extensive API that allows you to integrate BackupPro into almost every framework.


We tried to make BackupPro as easy to use and as qualitative as possible, but if you have any questions, feel free to ask them here in the forum and we will help you as soon as possible.


We have put a lot of effort into BackupPro and would therefore be very thankful if you would share your opinion or suggestions for improvement with us.



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Please keep all discussions on topic, concerns about paid topics can be directed to the moderator team directly or on another topic.

If you have questions about the Tebex system or with the resource being illegitimate, stolen, copied or something else please flag it and explain to the moderator team. Thank you.

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Suggestion for you, could you please include in the config the option to set our own vehicle models we want to use for the police/ems/coroner backup? That would be fantastic! Because I have custom models for all three entities I would like to use.

Thanks! :smiley:


Do have a problem with the backup units, when you call code 4, all the backup units no matter if you have 1 or 10, when you click code 4, all the passengers from all the backup units step out, then the driver alone drives away leaving his partner behind.

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Does this work for police officers wanting additional units? Will the backup attack other officers? How would they differentiate officers from friendlies?

Additionally, what is this written in? LUA? If not, is the source code available for purchasers?

I have already been asked about this by another person and will provide this option as soon as possible. However, since today is Christmas Eve, I can not guarantee that it will be today.

I will fix the problem as soon as possible, but since today is Christmas Eve, I cannot guarantee that the problem will be fixed today.

Hello, Yes officers can use it to request additional units. The units do not attack police officers on duty. Recognizing a player as a police officer is done via a toggle duty button in the menu. However, in the next update, which should be released within the next 2 days, an option will be added that you can enable that for example every ESX police officer is automatically On Duty.
BackupPro is actually not written in LUA, but in C# and the source code is not included, because otherwise the risk would be too great that the script is leaked. I hope you understand this. However, there is an API which should be enough for most customizations and integrations. If not, I will help at any time.

Hello, here is a small update announcement.
Just now I have released a new update, which includes the following changes:
Config for car models and Peds, AutoDuty function, Fix of problems when using Code 4, new event for Duty status.

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Hi can you maybe also create a command to be able to use and choose if command or hotkey.
i want to integrate it into a menu so command would be helpful.

Thanks a lot

Hello, at the moment there is no command but events to use the backup, documentation for the events can be found in the package. But of course I can add a command.

I have now released an update that adds commands. The download link remains the same.

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Thank you very much.

Is it also possible to disable the hotkey for the menu?
i only see the MenuHotKey where the buttont to use needs to go in.

In the latest version there is an option DisableMenu in the Config, so you can disable the menu. The hotkey does not have to be disabled manually.

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just make the vehicles you want into replacement pack.

Hi there, I just paid for all the plugins and the BackupPro script itself, and every time I go to use it, by pressing U, it crashes my Fivem Client. Any reason for this?

If your game crashed in relation to Backup Pro with the message hazardous-pointer, this is probably due to a limit, we cannot control. However, you can fix it by downloading the BackupProPlugins resource (GitHub - CodineerDigital/BackupProPlugins: Just a simple resource to fix problems) and installing it on your server as usual. This resource must always be started before BackupPro. Now you can move some of your BackupPro plugins with their .json files from the “plugins” folder of your BackupPro installation to the “plugins” folder of your BackupProPlugins installation and the error should be fixed.

When I call backup in code3 - the officers dont help me against the AI. They sit in the vehicle and chill. Only when the AI shoot at the AI Officers, they shoot back. Is this normal?

Auf, i’ve got exacly the same problem and… sometimes other players cant cancel backup request

I would be interested in buying something like this. How does it (if so) perform on OneSync Infinity?