[ESX] Create Mafia | Let Players Create Their Own Organisations


● | Let players create their own criminal jobs.
● | They can choose between different job types: Gangs/Mafias/Cartels.
● | Set requirments to perimt players to create their jobs, such as play time on your server and a money price.
● | Automaticly store the jobs type in database.
● | Includes exports to get players job types. Use them to permit/restrict actions to specific types. (Types can be: Normal/Gang/Mafia/Cartel)


● | Detailed Configuration.
● | A clean UI, aesthetics matter :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
● | Automatic text manipulation, to format any invalid name input, the way it needs to be before storing it in database.
● | Discord Logs via Webhook.
● | Set required on-server play time, to make sure there won’t be any First-Time-Joined players having their own criminal job.
● | Optimised to 0.00-0.01ms CPU while idle.


● | Prefech_playTime - forum.cfx.re/t/prefech-playtime/
● | ESX (Tested on Legacy version, should work fine with previous ones.)


● | Entire UI re-design.
● | A lot of more configuration such as adding as many grades and salaries as you wish.
● | General fixes and code clean up.
● | Promote/Demote members events that will be implemented in the Organisations Menu script soon!
● | Compatibility with lab-Hideouts that will be out also soon!


The resource uses Escrow encryption. Most of the client part and full server-side, is exposed for you to freely edit.



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Very clean, dope idea and adds a whole new reason to grind on the server. 10/10 again. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Few questions about this one: does the gang use one of your job slots? What about the headquarters, does this script give the opportunity to set headquarters for each gang/mafia/cartel? Also, does it have armory, garage and wardrobe points? Besides this, what actions would a gang member be able to execute (rob someone, kidnap, wash money…)?


good question

Hey there! Yes it does use one of your job slots, it handles organisations as regular ESX jobs.
Currently it does not include setting headquarters for a few reasons.
A) Different servers use different recources/methods for stashes and garages, so I prefered to let customers set those by their own ways. Possibly going to work something around that tho.
B) I’m not quite sure about, if customers want players to set headquarters by themselves. (Not the safest option, in terms of “trollers”.)

About the actions, the script includes an export, for customers to give any functionality they want.
Its a pretty good idea tho that I’m going to implement within the next few days :smile:

As I mentioned, this script is considered as the core of a huge project. Many resources connected to it will be eventually released, building a unique criminal system for servers.

Thanks for your time and notices!! :partying_face:

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Thanks for the quick answer here! I´ll keep an eye for the updates for sure. The system I currently use does include a few of these options, and you’re completely right, I wouldn’t want the players on my server to freely choose their headquarters, however, what if there is a notification (either in game or through Discord Webhook) about a request for one, so that only superadmins / gang admins (ace) can set the headquarters for the organization? Just throwing ideas out, since I have a lot but am just still learning about lua and coding for FiveM.

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I Waited for this one, beautiful interface!

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Wow I love the design!! Looks really promising and i’ll probably buy it asap!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Awesome job and it looks so amazing, the design is superb :heart_eyes: marry me

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Thank you so much brother, love your work aswell :smile:

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Looks good :slight_smile:


Discord notifications (logs) already exist, thats exactly the idea behind them :partying_face:

As a next step, there are many good mafiajob scripts already on the forum, and since the player has already created the job, all the server staff has to do, is configure locations for headquarter stuff.

All ideas are more than welcome :smile:

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what is the difference of mafia , gang and cartel? is there something a mafia can do that the gang cannnot do thats why the higher price to create?

This is up to each server to decide. The script provides you with an export to get players job type.
Using it, you can restrict/permit/forbid specific actions to each job type.
I have included a mini-guide, its pretty easy to do with basic knowledge. :partying_face:

this is pretty dope curious about the * Territories and Gang Wars.* ? any updated videos. your new scripts are pretty fire. The fields script is amazing.

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Thanks a lot mate, almost all scripts are a few steps away from release state, there will soon be previews :wink:

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it is not working for me, please help

Contact me providing errors mate. I’ll be glad to help but I need to know what you need help with :grin:

what can people do in the gang? is there have any quest?