Lab | Text UI with Sounds [STANDALONE]


A simple Text Ui resource with sound and fading animations.


You can use this resource by the following exports:

● | Show:

exports['lab-TextUI']:Show('Example Text')

● | Hide:


Example Usage:

local inZone = false 
local enteredZone = false 
while true do 
inZone = false 
local sleep = 1000 
local ped = PlayerPedId() 
local pedCoords = GetEntityCoords(ped)

    if #(pedCoords - Config.Coords) < 3 then
       sleep = 5
       inZone = true
       if IsControlJustReleased(0, 38) then                   

    if not enteredZone and inZone then
        exports['lab-TextUI']:Show('Black Market Auctions')
        enteredZone = true
    elseif enteredZone and not inZone then
        enteredZone = false


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Cool design

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Many thanks for This awesome FREE Release! Very nice and clean Design! Congrats! Keep up the work

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wooow nice one

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great work

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Good job :ok_hand:

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someone have a example for esx_barbershop or esx_vehicleshop to replace the standart helpnotification?

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Looks very clean, awesome

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I might be missing something but unless I’m mistaken, you will want to edit your example blob to use show/hide instead of open/close.

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There’s an example in the description and github, follow it to adapt it anywhere you need :grin:

yo you stole my logo

You stole the Husky mascot logo.

Please sent me a DM and we can Talk about it! But please be Respectful. I will change it, if you can prove that you did the Logo

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Bro. Unless you copyright it. You don’t own anything

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Thank you mate. Thats some real words. Found this in a free Template video

its a different thing for pics my boy :wink:

Really nice and useful resource

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verry cool ! but would be a bit more usefull if we had a config to change the letter displayed (not all script use E, especialy when you got two script interaction close to each others), and same for the color of the circle would alow to match diferent themed aera

(in the export i mean)

Beautiful design

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Whenever I try to incorporate the text into a script, it always pops up and then doesn’t go away