🩸 [ESX] Core Evidence UPDATED V2 - Bullet shells, Fingerprints, Blood samples, Archives [Paid]

Hello there,
Quick question I bought the script for VRP and I haven’t received it yet. Can you send it as soon as possible? Thank you.

Check spam email or check out support. You can find a link in tebex homepage

Im still waiting for a reply on the V2, i have pmd you but still nothing?

yo yo whats up with this dude !? where is the download ?

Contact me via support will update it now!

Thank you so much. great support you responded right away. I will let you know if something comes up with the resource. much appreciated. :+1:t6:

🗺️ Core Hud - Oval radar/map, Clean design, Use stress or voice or id
🔫 Core Weapon - Magazines, attachments in inventory with UI
🚨 Core Dispatch - 3 Emergency jobs work in sync, Alerts, Calls, Blips, Permissions
🛎️ Core Deskbell - Simple way to get attention in reception
⚠️ Core Dispach - Synced dispach for emergency jobs! (SOON)
🔧 Core Mechanic Workshop [MLO] - Pit, Offices, Spray room, Lockers
🔑 Core Keybinds and Menu - Vehicle controls, Super customizable, Individual keybinds, Clean UI
📝 Core Insurance - Advanced vehicle impound with insurance plans, claim times, cooldowns
✨ Core Logo Hud - Simple information hud with server logo display
🏷️ Core Job Utils - Boss Menu with permissions and bonuses, Clean Job Center UI with descriptions
📟 QB Dispatch - 3 Emergency jobs work in sync, Alerts, Calls, Blips, Permissions
🚗 Core Vehicle - Realistic Vehicle (Mileage, Nitro, Check Engine, Low Oil, Custom Engine Sounds,)
🔨 Core Crafting V1.1 - Advanced crafting system with Levels, Blueprints, Queue, Categories, Success Rate
⌨️ QB MDW - Advaced QBCore CAD system
💼 Core Multiple Jobs - Job center, Multi Job, Optimized, Amazing UI
🔴 Core Credits [ESX/QB] - Monitize your server further (Case Openings, Shop, Tasks, Rewards)
💻 Core MDW [ESX/QB] - Advaced CAD system (Incidents, Reports, Evidence, Staff, Dashboard)
🚘 Core Vehicle [STANDALONE] - Real life vehicle experiance (Mileage, Nitro, Check Engine, Low Oil, Custom Engine Sounds, Vehicle Parts)
📝 Core Insurance Lot [MLO] - Impound lot for Los Santos
🚨 Core Dispatch - 3 Emergency jobs work in sync, Alerts, Calls, Blips, Permissions

the script is giving other detectives the option to just destroy evidence and I already put the police.base on the police permission on vrp. can someone help ?

I wonder if at all you can have config options so that there is a configurable chance the evidence could be contaminated, come back inconclusive etc currently it feels like a pretty easy win for cops - From a bullet alone they know who fired the gun which is a bit eh. It’d be cool if the bullet casings were non-specific, but when the evidence is submitted for analysis it should then tell you what sort of weapon it came from rather then giving the perps name

ok I see you brother you’re on to something there. but criminals have to be smart and send someone to pick those up.

What i did from the serverlua was added a fetch from a DNA databse i have setup so if the police have not already got DNA from a criminal it will return unknown.

Hi @DeivisMac2,

Could you please send us a copy of this resource for review? You can send it directly to the moderators group.

I am getting this anytime i try and get fingerprints from a car
I am also no able to get any blood evidence to show up anywhere
if IsShockingEventInSphere(102, 235.497, 2894.511, 43.339, 999999.0) then
Commenting that out made the evidence show up for me

Issue was solved

is it possible to obtain more than 3 pieces of evidence? e.g. in a shooting, 3 is not enough counting blood and shell casings.

If you recode and change css to fit that much yes

would a standalone be possible if you used steam hexes or ace perms/discord ace perms for identifying who can use it?

Ace perms could be a solution but i would need to code custom ui for evidence storage. I will consider this :slight_smile: Thanks for suggestion

Hi, how did you fix your fingerprint problem? I can’t do it :frowning:

i disabled it as we couldn’t get it to work

An idea would be if the driver of the vehicle is wearing gloves not able to collect fingerprints