Dusa Vehicle Keys | ESX - QB

:firecracker: Features

・Synced Vehicle Locks

・Key Fob depends on vehicle type

・Brand new lockpick minigame

・Realistic hotwire minigame

・Alert vehicle owner when failed

・Car Jacking

・All time 0.0 ms

:tv: Preview

:vhs: Dusa Vehicle Keys

:crystal_ball: TEBEX

:film_strip: ESCROW ESX
:film_strip: ESCROW QB

:pouch: Our Products

:dvd: Dusa Multicharacter
:cd: Dusa Drive School

Code is accessible No
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 1200+
Requirements Baseevents
Support Yes

Good job seems nice, looking through for new scripts.

very good

The best :heart_decoration:

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the best vehicle keys on the market


  • Fixed hotwire minigame responsive issue

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Hey bud, i love the hotwire minigame, its possible to sell it seperately?